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  • my energy is quite low at the moment...

    What do i need to know at this moment in time?

  • read WATERGIRLS New Moon forecast!

  • Hi Moonalisa,

    I offered three 1-card readings and you were the only one to respond so I pulled 3 cards for you 🙂

    It feels like there is some heartache, a feeling of weariness and possibly a loss of hope and optimism in your present situation. You need to send love and compassion to yourself in all ways right now. I am getting that “this too shall pass” and to just accept this period of being between things. A huge transformation is coming, but first you must release. You will be moving on to smoother waters. You will be learning something new - keep an open mind!

  • now i know what to blame for all this: low energy, lack of enthusiasm, indifference, tiredness, sadness and disillusionment, this unwillingness to do anything (new Moon in Taurus)... to be honest i do not like what i see in myself recently, the feelings inside me, negative attitude...

    All you sense is true... heartache yes- hope followed by disappointment, cheating myself and inability to let go... Thanks Watergirl...

  • You had a card pairing that I have been getting all year...the Hanged Man coupled with Death. It's really not a bad thing as the end result will be good, but when you are in the midst of hanging in the balance and unable to do anything but surrender, accept, and wait for the Universe to reveal itself, it can be very upsetting. There is something good coming on the horizon so "hang" in there!

  • I would love a reading as well Watergirl. Thank you so much. ❤

  • Breze1,

    There is something in your life regarding a relationship on which you need clarity. Wisdom and learning through awareness and cutting through the illusion or fog. There is some heartache here and you are being urged to start fresh and move on. Start a new journey…there is nothing to worry about…go for it.

    The number 3 was prominent. Sometimes this happens when a relationship has a 3rd party. Other times it is an indication of creativity and manifestation.

  • Thank you so much Watergirl ! I went through a breakup, with someone I loved. You are spot on, except that I have not confirmed it yet the presence of the third party. However all the clues are there. It is a heartache and I am trying hard to push forward.

    I have a quick question for you, if you don't mind. I play cards online very often. It has become a second habit. It happens that I pull cards from two (some times three) different websites, with different game style, and I get the same card in the raw. I am stunned. My question is, how to interpret this. I have two believes in it. 1. The cards are telling me the truth on the situation. 2. The cards are simply reflecting what my believe is, and not what the truth might necessary be.

    For example last night I pulled eight of pent's two times, in a row, for 'relationship potential question' on someone I have exchanged few chats only.

    And today I got the Lovers card two times, on the question: "what is going on with my ex love life?"

    It's kind of scary sometimes, how this happen.

    Thanks again ! You are awesome. xoxo

  • Hi Breze,

    I think that happens a lot when pulling cards for oneself - pulling cards that are a mirror of what you are feeling or wanting in that moment. That is why they say you shouldn't read for yourself. It's difficult - especially when emotional about something - to hear the intuitive message without letting our own desires get in the way.

    Regarding your cards pulls. That 8 of Pents when asking about a relationship is tricky. Typically, this is the card of the apprentice, practicing at learning a craft. So in a relationship context I think at best it means that the relationship will take some work and at worst it can be telling you that you are repeating a pattern.

    The Lovers card could indeed be an affirmation of your thoughts or confirmation that he indeed is involved s*xually with someone else, but it also could just mean that he is enjoying the single life and not letting any moss grow under his feet as they say.

  • Also, in my reading for you there was a definite urging to move on. Any energy you put into thinking about the ex and what he's up to is wasted energy and will keep you stuck.

  • Very thankful to you Watergirl ! Xoxo

  • Heyy watergirl18,

    A reading please... will he come back ?

  • Hello and Thank You!

    What do you see for me financially speaking? ? Do you see Money coming my way very soon?

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