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  • Thanks. Captain. Blessings to you.

  • StandingTall, your reading is hexagram 18 moving to hexagram 21.

    Hexagram 18, Corruption (the present)

    Key Questions

    What is behind this trouble?

    What is the hidden cause?


    'Corruption. Creating success from the source.

    Fruitful to cross the great river.

    Before the seed day, three days. After the seed day, three days.'

    In ancient China, ancestors angered by neglect would send sickness and misfortune. This is corruption: something dark, like a curse, lurking under the surface of life and manifesting as patterns of negative experience. We don't have to believe in angry ancestors to be haunted by corruption/negativity, whether we inherit its darkness from our past, our culture, or through our parents. When you receive Hexagram 18, it is time to examine those old, old patterns or beliefs at last, to seek out their source and give it due honour and attention. Eg perhaps you desire money or love but, because of negative ideas handed down to you, you subconsciously reject them. When you understand where your experience comes from, you can restore the creative flow and make a genuinely new beginning. You will need to commit yourself to the journey and take the risk of crossing the great river into unknown territory. And you will need to pay careful attention to the process. Before 'seed day', which marks the beginning of a new cycle of time, you'll need to identify the source of the corruption/negative thinking, and prepare for change. Afterwards, you need to pay attention to the needs of the new growth. Each of these phases has only a modest duration; you're invited to attend and examine, but not to dwell on this change for a lifetime.

    Hexagram 21, Biting Through (the future)

    Key Questions

    What must you do to get to the truth?

    How can you become more effective?


    'Biting through, creating success.

    Fruitful to use legal proceedings.'

    It's time to bite through to the truth, cracking the situation open like a bone between your teeth, using the power of a diviner to open up the smooth surfaces of things and penetrate to the essence. Resting content with appearances may be easier, but it is no longer enough. Deal with obstacles as you would something tough in your food: bite and gnaw your way through until your teeth meet. It will help to use the determination of an investigator or a judge, intent on restoring the world to good order, who will let nothing stand between them and the truth.

  • OKAY. ....WOW! !!!

    This reflects what is currently going on behind the scenes in my Life.

    I did NOT know that I ching Readings were that insightful! !!

  • Thank you Captain for the reading. Does 'the well' mean the system of values we have, what we believe in? is it our self- belief? all that makes us go on no matter what the external circumstances are? Regardless of where we go, what we experience, our core stays the same and makes us go through all storms of life intact? do i understand it correctly? Or is it our potential, our skills, the inner resources we posses, that activate themselves depending on circumstances and which we need to reach for when need be?

    and 'the waiting'? Patience is necessary to finally reach the point when we fully understand who we are? Can you comment on that?

  • Moonalisa, the reading is for you personally to interpret. What does it mean to you?

  • Hi The Captain!!

    Would you mind reading for me?Let's see what pops up for me. Thanks!

  • Sunshine7959, your reading is hexagram 9 moving to hexagram 27.

    Hexagram 9, Small Taming (the present)

    Key Questions

    What small thing can I work on today?

    How can I cultivate a better terrain?


    'Small taming, creating success.

    Dense clouds without rain

    Come from my Western altars.'

    To 'tame' is to restrain and also to accumulate and nurture: it's what the farmer does. Here, the small farmer cultivates the soil of his own small plot, hoping the offerings made at the Western altars will bring rain. The Zhou people, like the clouds, came from the West. Before they were ready to receive he Mandate of Heaven and bring about change, they prepared for many decades, cultivating their society like earth. So a time of Small Taming brings great hope for future growth and success – it's just that, at present, there is no rain, only clouds, and all they have brought so far is gloom. This means 'small restraint', the experience of small, frustrating setbacks and things that don't quite work yet. However, this also brings advice to cultivate the situation and yourself in small ways, developing your readiness and fitness just as a small farmer works the soil. You can't make things grow in a single gesture, and so you need self-restraint: you have to work steadily, responding conscientiously to the realities here at ground level, caring for the small details, while keeping in mind the bigger picture of your life.

    Hexagram 27, Nourishment (the future)

    Key Questions

    What would nourish you?

    How is your hunger motivating you?

    If you accept this as nourishment, who will you become?


    'Nourishment: constancy brings good fortune.

    See the jaws,

    Your own quest for something real to fill your mouth.'

    Literally, this hexagram is called 'Jaws': it means not only what you eat, but all the processes and structures that sustain nourishment. It includes all forms of nourishment: physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual... all creating and re-creating an individual 'ecosystem' to sustain and shape you. Constancy brings good fortune: steady, clear persistence in honouring what truly sustains you. Yi calls on you to see the jaws – to become aware. How do you habitually nourish yourself and others? What deep instincts are at work here? What real nourishment are you seeking?

  • Thank you Captain!!! I have a lot to think about, I see. But it strikes at the heart of my issues!! I hope I am reading this in the right way.

    I appreciate this. Thank you and have a grand day!

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  • Hello, the Capitan! May i also have such reading, please.

  • Do you have a particular question, Marishkaa?

  • Maybe what should i focus on, what should i know?

  • Marishkaa, your presnt situation is -

    Hexagram 4, Not Knowing

    Key Questions

    What don't you know?

    What if you didn't need to know all the answers now?

    How can you learn from experience?


    Not Knowing literally means being covered over, like a young animal hidden away in the undergrowth by its mother. So you are ignorant, and cannot see as far as you would like to – but this is not such a terrible thing while you are still so small. To be small and ignorant is a creative, harmonious way to engage with your world, and holding steadily to not knowing – and hence to learning – will bring good results. But this flow, from 'creating success' to 'constancy bears fruit', is interrupted when the young ignoramus goes running after answers, as if it were embarrassing not to know. In his anxious persistence he shows a profound disrespect – for his teacher, and also for the answer he is seeking that he imagines can be had so quickly. So the one who speaks here gives a clear answer, or may refuse to answer – or perhaps there is just such confusion that no answers can be understood. That speaker can be another person you're asking for a response you need. It can also be the oracle itself, or what speaks through it.

    Moving to the future -

    Hexagram 2, Earth

    Key Questions

    How are you being guided?

    How can you lend your strength?


    Peaceful cnstancy brings good fortune. Creation unfolds from the original vital energy, creating success with an ongoing exchange between spirit and daily work, flowing through to fruition – in Earth, through the constancy of a mare. The mare is strong, tireless and incomparably fast, and she is acutely sensitive to the subtlest cues. When you have a mare's constancy, you will be steadily loyal to the truth, and always alert and responsive to guidance. The noble one has a direction to go: she is purposeful, she has a destination in mind, but this doesn't mean she has her route to it already mapped out. And so at first there is confusion: you set out like a pioneer, open to all the possibilities, and find them as many as scattered rice-grains. But later, since you have set yourself in motion, you can receive guidance – you 'gain a master'. A master is someone who lights the way. You gain someone or something to be loyal to, where you can find fulfilment in service. Once you have this guiding principle (which may or may not be a person), you begin to follow signs as fluently as the mare. There is a balance to be found between joining with like-minded people and following your own calling alone – but gaining allies comes first. Perhaps your individual sense of purpose emerges more strongly when you've learned to work responsively with others, like the mare running with the herd. And when you can spread your senses out to roam southwest and northeast without limit, you will be peacefully at home in the whole earth.

  • TheCaptain, thank you!

    May i ask for your insight. Does the first hexagram mean that i shouldn't try to find answers? I think it is because i am trying to find out what is hapenning with me. Or is it about the fact that it is not so terrible to not know something (for example on my job, i always fell anxieous about it).

    Both hexagrams speak about teacher (or a master). should i find this person?

  • so strange, it seems that the first hexagrame is about not running for answers but the second hexagrma on the contrary speaks about consistency?

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