Pisces man and Leo woman - will he be back?

  • Hey everyone,

    I am currently struggling with a "break" from my pisces man. We have been together for 1,5 year and the first year was so great between us. It was not until February this year it went very bad. We moved to another country together because of me. I got a small depression and was crying, moody for a couple of weeks. He did not really understand why or how, I think it was just the environment and my stress at the new workplace. He felt he was my father in some ways and had to take care of me. I became very down for almost 1 month and I broke up with him under this period. He was in our "home country" when I broke up with him over the phone and I was not sober... I took it back very fast and he came home a couple of days after and everything was ok, we had sex and we were in love. A week after that he found out I have been looking up my ex on social media (he looked at my history browser) at my laptop and I do not erase it. He was furious, told me he felt that I cheated on him, he already told me in the beginning of the relationship that he does not like that and I should never look up my ex. After that everything went so bad between us. He did not want to have sex anymore, he was hot and cold, I was crying a lot and begging him to forgive me. He said that his feelings is not the same anymore. He stayed though during the whole period until it was time to go home to our home country again, from January to June. He went home one month earlier than me and we had some space for one month but we talked on the phone during this time. When I came home I felt that everything would be normal again, but I was wrong, he did not want to have sex with me still, he said that if we would have sex it would be fake from his part because he does not feel that he wants to have sex. He said that he loved me but he is so tired of everything, the fighting and he thinks that he will not be able to forgive me. I cried and I begged and I was so sad. In the end he said he don't want to break up but we should take a break atleast. I was ok with that at the moment. It have been two weeks now, he called me once since than and I have not contacted him att all. Do you think he will be back? We have so much beautiful memories and we shared so much in so short period of time.

    One thing I noticed during this time is that he does not want to communicate so much about his feelings and I am the opposite. I want to go through everything all the time. It has been a big issue between us.

    I would be grateful for every answer you can give me. Thank you!

  • OH it's Biill with a stutter! Good for you for coming out of your shell and shaking off that horrible accident. Putting your tongue on a frozen metal fence post! Boy that was dumb! Was it worth the fifty cents your so called friends paid you to do that? You always have been a gullible people pleaser. A reading would of helped you. You should of come here sooner.

  • Leowoman1, you see how this man is but you want him to change for you and not be who he is? You are living in a dream. If you cannot accept how how is, move on. You are very incompatible for sure.

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