Cards for name for new child

  • I would welcome any insights. I am currently choosing between 3 names for my daughter due to be born in August. Meanings of and associations with names are important to me, hence the reading.

    I chose a card for each name. It was fascinating that my choice turned up three different queens! I used the Estensi Golden Tarot of the Renaissance deck, which is quite unique. Queen of Pentacles for the 1st name. In this deck, this card signifies nobility and wealth, among other things, which is apt, I suppose, as the name (Freya) means 'noble woman'. The second name (Clara) turned up the Queen of Wands. Appropriate perhaps for a Leo baby, which she will be. Energy and passion are my thoughts here. In this deck this Queen has twin babies at her feet, one turned towards her, and one turned away. I still haven't quite figured out this symbolism. A duality/binary of some kind? Finally the third name (Rosalie) produced the Queen of Swords. In this deck, unusually, she represents an unhappy woman with emotional difficulties, and the image depicts a forlorn looking child standing in front of her sword, so I am feeling a bit discouraged by this card. Any thoughts?

  • Photos of these three Queens in the Estensi Golden Tarot of the Renaissance Deck (if I can get them to upload):

  • Hi there Belphoebe. I wish I could see the cards you drew but based on your description, I would not go with the latter card, the Queen of Swords, as this could result in unease. The opposing babies in the second card makes me think of duality also, like a Gemini. Perhaps a Clara would have a Libra or Gemini moon, being forced with tough decisions or difficulty in making them. The first card and name seem to have positive attributes...I also believe in the significance of names, and I often find similarities amongst people with the same names. I've tried to disregard my theory before by calling someone whose name has negative associations with me, by a nickname for a long time, thinking then the qualities of the new nickname, which were mostly positive, would manifest themselves. Ultimately, his true colors came through and the characteristics I've come to associate with his name. To do further research on my theory, I read up on the psychology of names. The psychological explanation has to do with how people of certain names are treated amongst others in society. My theory may be more spiritual. Whatever the case may be however, I think names are important. What does your reading reveal to YOU though? Your intuition is the most important indicator for her name.

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