Gemini and Libra

  • So I am a male Gemini, and the guy is a male Libra. Long story short, we got to know each other online. I have known him long before but only made the move around April last year. We have a tons of mutual friends, but have yet to meet each other in real life because I only made a move on him after I left the city for work half way around the world. We hit it off instantly, talking non-stop 24/7 for ALMOST a year without any break in between. The longest that we went without texting each other was like 2-3 days when he/I had to travel for work. So it's safe to say that we have/had legitimate interest in each other and truthfully I am surprised by how long we were able to keep this long-distance thing working because I get bored extremely easily.

    However, the guy only wanted to text and exchange photos (normal photos, not the other kind). I made the requests to call him 3 times but he denied it each time, so I dropped it, and did not think much. Fast forward to my birthday this year, the thing is, I could not care less about my birthday. I'm not the type to throw a party /expect gifts from ppl/like being the center of attention. One year I even locked my fb for that day so I did not have to go thank people that wished me happy birthday lol. But I do expect to hear sth from him, because he seems like the kind that care and would remember such sort of occasions. But boy he forgot. I was disappointed, man was clueless til I told him about it a few days later. I wasn't mad at him though, just a bit disappointed, but no big deal. As some of you might know, 2nd week of June there is EDC music festival in Las Vegas. I missed out this year because of work. Before the festival I kinda picked up something weird from his behavior (I'm pretty quick at this, or should I say Gemini in general all are lol). He would take longer to response and the response is quite short. And no follow-up questions so it's hard for me to keep the conversation going (I hate those interrogating-like conversations where one asks and the other just answers). Figured he's busy planning for the festival I let him be. So he texted me the night of the festival saying "Hi, Im at EDC Vegas. Wish you were here. I miss you. heart". Sweet I thought. Then I got on Instagram, browsing the hashtag #edc just to see how the festival is this year and voila, a picture of him and another guy was on top of the search. And the convo is nothing short of flirtatious (hearts everywhere). I gave him a benefit of the doubt, did not say anything and still answered his texts like normal (which has gone down to like 1-2 texts/whole week). I did stalk the other guy's instagram rigorously though (insta stories, old posts, comments, etc) so I know their whereabouts and I am quite sure they are at this point seeing each other. Decided to block the Libra's instagram (we did not add each other's fb, weird huh?), and wait if he noticed it and asked me on iMessage. Dude didn't and totally vanished. It has been 2 weeks, and needless to say I am quite disappointed. I'm not mad at him though, because I have prepared for this day where one of us might find someone else more geographically convenient, I am just extremely disappointed at how he handled the situation. I sent him a text yesterday asking for closure something along the line of "Hi, so I guess you are dating someone now, am I right?". No reply. Did some investigation and the couple is traveling for the long weekend (July 4th in the US).

    So what I want to know is what the deal with this Libra (he is older)? He seems like a caring type, so this sudden change in behavior is quite a shock to me. And he seems quite matured, or at least he presented himself as such, so I just don't get it. And how do I deal with him now? I'm planning on giving him the full weekend plus a few more days (I don't want to disturb their vacay) then if still nothing I'm gonna drop him an essay about how disrespected I felt and how I hoped this relationship had turn out better (I was willing to be friends if he was more truthful and honest). At this point, how do I get under his skin?

  • Well, he is under your skin but you will never disturb this player. Why would you let anyone treat you like this? And a relationship via the intenet is no relationship at all. It is just a way of avoiding a real one.

  • Thanks for the reply TheCaptain. Well I would not call it a relationship and I am pretty open to the idea of us dating other people. We have made plans to see each other but work came in the way and trips been cancelled here and there. What pissed me off is that he doesn't have the decency to tell me, have me found out indirectly, and give me the silence when I asked.

    So I should totally ignore him and move on? I do hope down the road he reflected on this, and we for sure will be meeting again soon though when I visit the city (we have tons of mutual friends but we did not disclose our relationship to anyone so I think inevitably we will bump into each other at some parties)

  • Do you think he would respect you any better face-to-face? I don't think so - you are better off finding someone who will treat you well, as you deserve.

  • And you cannot really 'know' anyone online.

  • As @TheCaptain said: the on-line relationships are always risky, unnatural and often problematic. What if he only acts this way and will be a different man in real life? Don't fool yourself and start dating other people. Forget him and live your life in the fullness you deserve.


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