Tarot spread for relationship

  • Hello,

    I'm Jane.

    Today I had a Tarot spread for my current relationship. I seek advice in Tarot to see a clearer understanding of my situation.

    I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago. He was very sad. After seperated time I feel that I love him even more and I want him back. He didn't like the idea because he thinks I will breakup again. But in my mind, I miss him and I tried to give him time and space.

    Right now, we're still texting like friends,very little.

    In my heart, I crave to be back together and I just don't understand why he needs so much time. It's been more than a month now. And he still doesn't want to be back yet. He said he needs time.

    My spread was 8 of Wands reversed, 4 of Cups reversed, Knight of Cups reversed.

    The first feeling I have for this, I see blockages as all of them are reversed.

    I looked for meaning of each cards.

    It seems like I was so rush to ask him to come back, he wasn't ready for it. And he even have nothing to provide anymore in this relationship, as the Cups were reversed. He is ready to move on. He doesn't want to come back at all.

    That's just my opinion after I read meanings of the cards.

    But I didn't understand the connection between them.

    I tried but I just can't see how they related to my situation. Since each cards have multiple meanings.

    If anyone see the connection from them, please share your knowledge and ideas to me.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Hi JannieN31,

    ignore the troll/spammer post above but hope someone with good knowledge of Tarot sees your post and helps. All the best to you.

  • Hi Jane who was the one going out,enjoying themselves in the relationship,it looks like that has caused an issue??I think he is day dreaming about his options and bit confused because of this,he thinks he has choices.would you understand this?he realise that you have regrets/stress over it,he thinks that was because it was the way it should have been.

    On/off relationship is on the way.


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