Are There Any Spirits Around Me?

  • I've had some unusual experiences lately and was wondering if there could be a spirit or spirits around me? I feel like there may be someone who hasn't crossed over near me. I also find pennies around and I was wondering if this was a coincidence or if someone may be leaving them?

  • There are always spirits around us and every one of us. but many are just curious. If you are aware of them, it is a sign your intuition is growing. Are you finding lots of pennies?

  • Anything metal is a great "conduit" for me to get a reading from a "spirit", "ghost" or whatever you choose to call them. I have done readings from a picture, an obituary, clothing, jewelry...even a headstone. These objects help me tune into their energy frequency, like finding a radio station. The object just has to be connected to them strongly. What makes us who we are is an energy which has it's own frequency. We all have our own frequency, just like a fingerprint. The stronger we are in life, the stronger we are after life as well. Someone just might be trying to contact you.

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