Dream about friend the night he died

  • I lost a very good friend on 9/11/09. We used to date for a few years and then our relationship turned to a very good friendship. The last few years though he cut contact with me as his new relationship became serious (I guess?).

    Anyway, I hadn't thought about him much over the last few months but of course he is always in my heart...even if we were not in contact. BUT, I had a dream about him a few weeks ago. He was in the dream and smiling at me and outside of that, I don't remember the dream at all but I woke up thinking it was unusual that I should dream about him as he hadn't been in my thoughts very recently. I also woke up missing him and wondering how he was.

    The next day I mentioned the dream to a friend who never met him but knew of him and she said that it was odd because she had been thinking about him too and was meaning to ask me how he was because she knew he was imprtant to me.

    THEN, Over the next week, every single time I turned on the radio, the song "only the good die young" by Billy Joel was playing. Every time. I thought this was very strnage since it is fairly old song and not often played and suddenly I was hearing every time I turned on the radio. I didn't make any connections to friend at this time but just puzzled over the significance of the song for a hile.

    Finally, unable to stop thinking of him because of the dream, I decided to contact my friend and never heard back so I contacted a family member who told me he had died in a very freak accident the week before. I looked back on the dates and I had the dream about him the night he died. I guess i just want comfort and to believe that dream and the song playing meant something and were a message from him that he was ok. Anyone else have any thoughts about dreaming of someone the day of or after their passing? Do you believe they visit loved ones to say goodbye or reassure that all is well. Would really love some input.,

    Thank you

  • Dear stonyeye,

    Please accept my condolences at this difficult time. I believe you are very lucky to be so in touch with your Spirit Guide that you were being given ‘notice’ that something had happened to your friend. The song was likely your friend telling you he was thinking of you.

    I have an article by Sylvia Browne when she was on SpiritNow which may give you comfort.

    The Meaning of Prophetic Dreams
    by Sylvia Browne
    Many different types of dreams exist, some of which can predict the future. While many people don’t think they have psychic abilities, they often can remember a time when they had a powerful prophetic dream. Your psychic mind provides you with valuable impressions while you are sleeping peacefully. The meaning of these prophetic dreams can be powerful.
    So how will you know if a dream is truly prophetic, and how do you interpret a prophetic dream? Prophetic dreams are always in color and never in black and white. A prophetic dream has logical action where one thing leads to another in a sequence that you will easily understand. It is critical to understand that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to have a prophetic dream. Only you can make the final decision if a dream is a prophetic one.
    Our minds and spirits are quite active as we sleep. My spirit guide Francine once said that if there was no difference between our waking mind and our sleeping mind that we would simply go insane. Prophetic dreams are simply one type of dream that you can have – they are not the only kind.
    Some people have come to me over the years very concerned with a troubling dream that they feel is prophetic. It is a dream that is in color and has a logical sequence – both signs of a prophetic dream. But the dream turns out to be about their fears, anxieties and unreleased emotions. This dream is a “release” dream.
    We all have release dreams. It is a common mistake to confuse a release dream with a prophetic dream. You need to know how to interpret your dreams and trust that if this is an issue you are fearful about – it very well could be a release dream. We need to have release dreams. This is a healthy way to release fears, anxieties, and unexpressed emotions that we deal with in our daily lives.
    Connect with your world of dreams to discover your prophetic dreams. Write down your dreams first thing in the morning in a notebook. This useful tool will help you track your accuracy. Remember to go back through your notebook at least once a week to see which dreams are prophetic.
    Stay open to the interpretation of your dreams. Sometimes you will not know a dream is prophetic until something occurs in your life to remind you of a dream you had several weeks ago. Keeping your dream journal will help give you confidence in your prophetic dreams. Be sure to write down your dreams quickly in the morning. Sleep researchers say that we misplace half of the information of a dream within five minutes after we wake up, and ninety percent of the dream ten minutes after waking.
    May all of your very best dreams come true. Happy dreaming!
    Love always,
    Sylvia Browne
    P.S. Your dreams are waiting for you to discover them. You are having prophetic dreams all the time that send you messages to help you lead and improve your life. Dreamers also have wish dreams, release dreams and even astral travel in their dreams. Learn more about the richness of your dreams in my Book of Dreams. Translate the language of your dreams!

    In Love and Light,


  • So sorry to read about your loss. I do believe that all you experienced, was his soul connection to you.

    I had a similar experience, especially with having the same dream over and over about my Mom. The day she died, the dream (sadly) came true.

    I wish that it hadn't, but 23 years later I feel honored - as though she chose me to know her in a very deep soul connection.

  • Dear Stonyeye, First of all, I am so sorry for your loss - After a dream like that, it's sometimes hard to know what to do with the experience - especially if it is new to you. I agree with Judee and NelliesGirl that you have had a brush with spirit, in the purest sense. You shared one last smile with someone you care deeply about and have a connection to that time or absence cannot sever. Reading Sylvia Browne helped me tremendously to understand things I'd experienced all my life and had no idea what they were or what to make of them. I too had a similar type of dream a few years back - about a very good friend and mentor who'd I'd lost track of - I opened a door and walked into a room - it was all white tile and filled with bright white light - he was standing there in the middle of the room in pajama bottoms looking as surprised to see me as I was to see him. I wasn't walking anymore, I was floating around him. I said, 'You look good!' he said 'You do too.' That was all. A few days later, I was talking to my sister about the dream, and she told me she'd read his obituary in the paper that morning. I do believe spirits come to say goodbye and to trust that they are with you always - as near as a thought away. I smile when I think of my friend - we got to say goodbye in the best way possible.

    I wish you the best!

  • Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond. I've been so sad and almost have a feeling of being homesick ever since I learned of my friend's passing. These boards are such a great source of wisdom and comfort. All of you who have responded....your shared experiences and words mean a lot to me. Thank you. xx

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