New man who seems good for me. May I have an attraction/love reading please?

  • Hello,

    If possible I would like a reading about a man who has recently come into my life, whom I am very attracted to. His birthday is July 24. I feel he is attracted to me too. Is he? And is there a possibility of developing more of an intimate relationship with this man?

    Thank you so much,


  • Hi confucap,

    There are tender feelings but this person is unable to make a romantic commitment right now, his behaviour may be imbalanced blowing hot and cold and his presence is a disruptive influence in your life, you may have met suddenly or by chance. Curiously you may well come back together in the future where a relationship would be possible as you seem to have made or will make quite an impact on each other.

  • Thank you so much, Headincloud. I love that reading and it makes perfect sense, as he is a bit of nomad now, travelling around the world for work. I would like it very much if we came together again sometime in the future; he makes me laugh.

    Thanks again,