Dream about a friend the night he died

  • I lost a very good friend on 9/11/09. We used to date for a few years and then our relationship turned to a very good friendship. The last few years though he cut contact with me as his new relationship became serious (I guess?).

    Anyway, I hadn't thought about him much over the last few months but of course he is always in my heart...even if we were not in contact. BUT, I had a dream about him a few weeks ago. He was in the dream and smiling at me and outside of that, I don't remember the dream at all but I woke up thinking it was unusual that I should dream about him as he hadn't been in my thoughts very recently. I also woke up missing him and wondering how he was.

    The next day I mentioned the dream to a friend who never met him but knew of him and she said that it was odd because she had been thinking about him too and was meaning to ask me how he was because she knew he was imprtant to me.

    THEN, Over the next week, every single time I turned on the radio, the song "only the good die young" by Billy Joel was playing. Every time. I thought this was very strnage since it is fairly old song and not often played and suddenly I was hearing every time I turned on the radio. I didn't make any connections to friend at this time but just puzzled over the significance of the song for a hile.

    Finally, unable to stop thinking of him because of the dream, I decided to contact my friend and never heard back so I contacted a family member who told me he had died in a very freak accident the week before. I looked back on the dates and I had the dream about him the night he died. I guess i just want comfort and to believe that dream and the song playing meant something and were a message from him that he was ok. Anyone else have any thoughts about dreaming of someone the day of or after their passing? Do you believe they visit loved ones to say goodbye or reassure that all is well. Would really love some input.,

    Thank you,

  • Hi, You were an important person in his life and that is why you were notified, so to speak. How the process works and how this happens I don't know. I would like to share what happened to me recently and maybe you'll see some parallels. After work approaching my house, it was like I could hear several people talking. It seems like it stopped pretty suddenly however. At different times inside my house I could hear what I can only term as conversations. Well, during this time, two neighbor kids had been breaking into my house. They did this while I was at work. They broke in three times that I know of. They busted the lock on the front door and would re-enter that way.

    I think we are surrounded by guardians, angels etc. But I also think that they are trying to work out a solution on how to solve the problem. My neighbors own a convenience store and when I went in there Fri. they told me that they actually saw these kids inside their house. That they saw them leaving out the window with the stuff they stole. Anyway, the police got a search warrant and searched the mother's house and recovered the stuff. They are in jail now. I know these kids very well. I like them but hate to see them involved in crime of this nature.

    You can be very happy that you were told that Only the Good Die Young and that your friend was smiling. The angels are letting you know that he is indeed ok. I knew something was up too. Once when I was very sick (had bronchitis on top of the flu), I felt like I couldn't breathe and just about on my deathbed. Right before I awoke I heard Jesus ask me, are you ok. I was afraid to say no because I thought that He might take me with Him. That was all that was said but He came with a group of angels or some beings that were talking to Him is the only way that I can put it. I didn't see His face just knew it was Him. Anyway, when I awoke there was total peace and calm in the room that you could feel. That is the only way to describe it and joy. I started feeling better. Angels help us.

  • Thank you Dalia, I've been feeling so sad and almost a feeling of being homesick since I received the news of my friend. Your response has made me feel better and what a beautiful experience you shared about when you were sick . i got goose bumps when I read that. Thank you again. These boards are such a great outlet and comfort.


  • Your friend's spirit had visited you the day he died. You meant a lot for him that he would visit you before he started his new journey. Not sure about the song, but it could be the song he liked to play or he was listening to it when the accident happened.

    I had some dreams about people who died, but they died within a few days to a few months after the dream. One of these people was my own father. But in his case it wasn't a dream. I was typing in front of my pc and I had a desk calendar on the CPU tower. The calendar fell out of the blue. I picked it up and as I did, I was shown 40 days. I counted 40 days from the day it happened and it got to a date in December. I knew that my father would die on this date although I thought better treatment might delay it. He was sick of cancer at the time and the treatment was so expensive we couldn't afford a good one. I borrowed my husband's money (husband-to-be at the time) and put my late father in better hospital. But on a night in December he was unconscious and finally passed away on the very date I was told he would die.

    I stayed at the hospital with my mom to take care of the papers and arrange funeral. When we got home, my husband left a message saying that he saw my dad in a dream. He didn't know my dad died because at the time he was working out of town for extra money to help with our wedding plans.

    So my dad had come to give him his blessing, since he couldn't attend my wedding physically. It took me quite a while to get over the mourning, but I know I can't mourn too long because his spirit needs me to let go or he can't continue with his journey. So these days even if I cry I will wish him a good journey. He is the best dad in the world. He would give anything to see us get good education and good life. This is how I remember him.

    What's important now for you is how you remember your friend. You are very dear to him and he to you. Let him go and wish him a good journey. When your time comes you will see him again.

  • Thank you leoscorpion, I've been seeking comfort and trying to grasp everything. I'm so sorry about your dad and I thank you for sharing your story. I've been thinking the same thing...I have to let my friend go so that he can continue on with his journey...wherever that may be. I've been thinking that the best we can do for people we have lost is to remember what they have taught us and be grateful they were in our lives. I learned from my friend what it truly means to be a friend. He was such a giving and selfless person and was always willing to help when I needed it without expecting anything in return. When I feel sad about losing him, I now just remind myself what he taught me and how lucky I was to have him in my life. It sounds like you do the same when you think of your dad.

  • yes this is what I do for my dad. I love him so and I understand why he has to go. His work here is done, he has done enough for his family. If I don't let him go, it will be unfair. There are people that hold their deceased loves ones from crossing over, by mourning endlessly. This is a very selfish act, no matter how much they call it love. Your friend smiled in your dream, he must be excited starting his new journey.

  • You definitely got messages from him to let you know he is okay and he loves you.

    I had an ex-fiance who died in 2006 and no one told me. Six months later, my mother told me he'd died, which was unusual because he was the only one I ever dated that she did not like. She was afraid I would be overcome with grief and cause pain for his family. She did not save the obituary notice but remembered the name of the cemetery.

    When it finally sunk in why I had not heard from him in awhile, I had a dream that he came back to marry me, bought my trousseau, and had arranged for everything down to the tiniest detail. In the dream, he was telling me what I would have to go through in order to find peace again. He told me so much that we argued over my right to live my life now instead of giving it up for him.

    Then, less than 3 weeks later, by very unusual circumstances, I found out how he died and suddenly the dream made sense. It was him contacting me, letting me know that death does not put an end to love.

    To me, the entire experience was a miracle.

  • Hi Stonyeye, please accept my condolences.

    I have had something similar happen to me 3 years ago. My boyfriend died in the middle of the night, and I dreamed of him at about the same time as his death. But I actually woke up after the dream, which was very vague anyway! Anyhow, the moment I opened my eyes, I see this tall figure in my room just watching me. In my heart I knew it was someone's soul but could never imagine it to be him. The things fell into place when I got to know of his death the next morning, which was at the same time that I had seen him. Thereafter for almost a year I could feel his presence around me, I could smell his body odor, and his favorite cologne at the strangest of times, like while driving to work. I think they come to let us know that they love us and will be watching over us from the other side.

    In fact, there are still times when I miss him a lot and I get a signal in something unusual happening around me.

    I do believe that death ends a life but not a relationship. Cherish your time spent with him. And be happy that he "happened".

  • One more thing, I also noticed some of his favorite music play on the radio very often. In fact, one day the music system in car started to play on its own (I was driving alongwith a friend). It was an old cassette of his favorite songs. My friend and I looked at each other and I knew that it was a message from him. Later when I tried to play the same song, I realized that that song did not even exist in that particular cassette!!! I'm getting goosebumps even now thinking about it!

  • Wow! Firefly and Raora, What amazing stories. Thank you so much for posting them. I have always believed that when someone dies, their souls just take a different form and your comments make me realize that we do go on to something else. I also love the feeling that loved ones who have passed may be watching over us or sending comfort. Both stories gave me goose bumps. Thank you very much for your responses


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  • Dear StonyEye,

    This is very similar to an experience I had a few weeks ago.

    I have lost 3 friends in the last few years to cancer, one of them being my best friend. I had a dream (can't really remember what the dream was about, but I do remember hearing songs from Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" CD. I couldn't get the songs out of my head all morning, and decided to listen to the CD on my iPod, since I hadn't heard it in years. I have aprox. 2500 CDs on my iPod, and upon turning it on, guess which album cover was showing on the front? Yep- "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". The very first song that came on was "Funeral For a Friend". At that point I reaized I was hearing from my friend.

    I think things like this happen for a reason. Your friend was probably aware that you would have had a tough time dealing with his death, and wanted to let you know he didn't want that. I would accept this dream as a gift from your friend. A gift of accepting "peace".

    I know how hard the death of a close friend can be. Peace be with you.

  • thank you! It is amazing when you hear more about these "coincidences" and know that they are not at all just chance. I truly do believe the songs, dreams etc ... they are messages of love from those we have lost and cared for. I just needed to hear it from others too! I was almost wondering if I was just grasping on to straws in my grief .... we are so trained to question things that are not easily explained by science or logic.....but deep down i knew. I knew from the night I had the dream that something was going on.. I am so thankful for this board. I really needed to hear other stories and confirmation about this. The passing of a loved one is so so incredibly diffiicult but these little messages are to be treasured. Thank you micrazy1 for your story and confirmation. That brought tears to my eyes. so touching. i love how you describe it as a gift of accepting peace.

    Ps. Water Moon Child. I will check out your site. thank you!

  • Dear Stonyeye,

    I am sorry for your loss. One more story, that happened to me over 20 years ago. What I am about to share with you is the absolute truth. I grew up the oldest of three with two younger brothers. I always wanted a sister. A friend of mine in high school, Kim, lived in another town, and she was the oldest with three brothers. We would say we were each others sister; the one we never had. . After college, I moved far away, we kept in touch,she came to visit and we realized we had many things in common. It got to the point that we could finish each others sentences.and I knew she was calling me right before she did. One aspect troubled me, as I read her palm and had a "frozen feeling", that something was not right, that she would not live to be an old woman.{ I am an amateur palm reader}

    After her visit, we kept in touch a lot, and a year later, she wrote me and was thrilled to be getting married in six months. Naturally, I was thrilled and told her I hoped to go to the weddding. This time, I felt a " sinking feeling" I couldn't shake.

    About two months later, I was dreaming I was in the backseat of a car, it was night time and my Mom was driving. I was upset in the dream because I din't know who the girl with brown hair was in the passenger seat was, and because she would not turn around. The car accelerated and I was afraid, and I kept saying " who are you, turn around, so I can see your face". Finally , I knew the car was going to crash. As we did , I saw a stop sign heard the crash ,and the girl turned around. It was my friend Kim. I screamed and yelled " stop!". In the real world , I woke up and also screamed " stop!". at 10:00 p.m.

    The next day, I was shaky and felt horrible. That afternoon, my brother called me from Connecticut , where Kim lived, and said, Kim died last night. She was hit by a drunk driver at 10:00 p.m.

    I realize Kim was saying goodbye. It was a surreal experience. Have faith, as your life progresses you will probably have other " messages" and not always negative.

  • When you think about it,dont you know what that was..? Yes,you know it was him and that he DID

    visit you. The mind is connected to everyone & everything,thats why your friend also was

    thinking of him. Now you know the the true Self always lives,what a Gift!

    Send him happy thoughts of Love & light.

    My ex boyfriend died years ago from a drug overdose. I wasnt with him anymore & I heard of his death. Some years later I had a dream that he was sitting in front of a bright window & I was

    brushing his hair; and it was strong & healthy and so was he. (he was smiling)

    I also know hes around when I`m near a juke box....we had lots of fun with playing music

    on the juke box.

    Spirits are energy,thy love electricity,no wonder you heard that song on the radio.

    Be grateful for your message, you can use it to give hope to others.

    Fellow Libra

  • These are great storys. But my visitation was a while after my grandmother passed. She visited in a dream that never faded and that's how I knew it wasn't a dream. It was in color and I didn't ever remember dreaming in color. But her hair was done the way she always wore it when she was feeling good and she had on her lipstick. And I said wow you look so good why are you here? She told me that my grandfather was being driven crazy by his current wife and all I could say was oh ok. The next day I called my dad and told him she had come to me. He then called my grandfather and told him and he said yes she came to me too. Strange but it happened. She came once when I was awake too. I have never been afraid of anything that has happened to me and she is the only one in my family who has come back for a visit. Clearly to let me know she knew what was going on and so I would let the family know also. I loved it. Fell very blessed.

  • I bieleve if we are even the slightest bit receptive, they'll get through. I'll never forget when my grandpa passed away when I was a teenager I had grew up in their house with them, and was always close to him. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer in his early fifties, it was still painful and shocking to loose him when I felt like I still needed him so much, he passed one min. after my grandmothers birthday was over, and his began at 12am although I don't know if that has any significance, but I've wondered. I sat on the edge of the hospital bed until the last moment, then he was gone. Several days after, I was sleeping in thier bed, I didn't want my grandma to be alone just then, and I always had loved to be in their room, play with thier things, sleep in that bed, I had a dream that he came in, wearing the pajamas he usually wore, and carring the oxegen machine that he had to have for the last year of life, he was speaking calmly, using his hands to motion, but I couldn't hear any of the words, but I could tell he was trying to explain that he really needed to go, and that everything would be ok, I dreamt that I ran into the other room to tell my grandma to come quick, because he was there, and she said, I know, he always is and went back to her task, then I ran back to the bedroom, he wasn't there anymore, but the oxygen tank, and the old pajamas were there at the end of the bed. I guess he didn't need that stuff anymore where he was going.

  • Your friend must have been visiting you, now when you think of him do try to smile through any tears for his and your sake, this took me awhile, but I will always be gratful for mine and my grandpas dream, just as I'm sure you are for the one you and your friend shared.

  • Some beautiful and miraculous stories here. All wonderful.

    I believe there are no coincidences in life - everything is planned and known - we just need to vibrate our own energies to those people, places and things. Normally we call that family or friends, lovers, etc. We are all drawn by the same energies.

    Your friend was indeed coming to you and telling you whatever you need to know to feel at peace with his passing and at peace with all that happened in your relationship. Whatever you think, hear or feel is your intuition telling you to recognize that emotional energy, acknowledge it and look at it from outside the box. It will help you to heal.

    I have one story that happened recently and perhaps it may help you too. My ex-mother-in-law passed in November of 2008 at 97 years of age. A full wonderful life she had and I met her son when I was 13, married at 17 and divorced him at 45. We have two daughters.

    Esther was known as the fairy godmother during the war - she was stationed in England with the YMCA War services and in the canteen for the officers. She would talk to the men, and they in return would give them their letters home before they ventured on the deadly night flights over war torn Europe. Most never came back . Later in life, she worked with the humane society, the YMCA and as Executive Assistant to some larger companies and eventually became the Matriarch of my husband's family - accumulated some great wealth in the stock market. In the Course of 70 years or so she had invested in Bell Canada - BCE Inc - and bought one share per week - she died a millionaire - but her estate - being fought over by 4 sibling children - lost half it's wealth the day after she died - November 27, 2008- - in a huge stock market crash. Co-incidence? Hardly.

    My ex husband had decided not to go ahead with our divorce settlement as planned - and he disowned me from his family - not allowing me to his father's funeral in 2001 and refusing contact with his mother while she was alive and in a nursing home. He also refuses to let his siblings come visit the "homestead" as he inherited it. - or I should say - we did but he got it in the divorce settlement. Needless to say, my life and the divorce was nasty and my emotions were very unstable - a mother is a mother - adoptive or not and this was my mother too. I did see her in 2006 at my daughters' wedding - she was in the throws of Alzheimers and in a wheel chair - but she whispered to me as I asked her if she knew me that "I will never forget you".......I have cherished those words always.

    I saw her once again in 2008 when I was called to her bedside because they thought she was dying. - It was March 0f 2008 - and we all knew that the family line only lived to 97 - Esther turned 97 on March 11, 2008. When I visited she was in bed and knew me one minute, and the next she didn't. But she asked if I was coming back before I left. I said I would. My ex-husband would not allow that and I never did get back to see her as she was 150 km away from me.

    The night she died - I had no idea, had not been thinking of her and was in fact sitting in the living room, in deep thought and looking out the window . I have a Teddy Bear that holds the ashes of my dad - who passed in January of 2008 and it too is in my living room. On the evening of November 27th (the time is around 10pm but I don't have exact) as I am sitting on the chesterfield, deep in thought, all of a sudden I FEEL a strong tug on my heart - like someone shot an arrow to it and woke it up is all I can explain it as. I just knew that someone had physically touched my soul - my heart - with love. I seemed to know so much but yet so little.

    Without even thinking further, I turned and looked at my Dad's teddy bear and said "...Oh Esther..." and began to cry and sob. I did not know then she had passed - but I sensed it, and I felt her in my heart - the next evening my daughter called and told me, so you heard Grandma died - last night around 10.

    I said no - I hadn't heard - but she came to me and told me she was leaving and that she loves me.

    That touching moment has been my saving grace emotionally. I know for a fact she came. And that is everything to me. I am at peace with it. She never forgot me. And she knew why I didn't come - that's why she came to me.

    And....she also gave me a gift of learning the stock market. Over the years I had always wanted to do that - and so when I changed jobs and accessed some locked in pensions to invest on my own - I invested in stock - in January of 2008. I invested in the banks. By December of course I had lost 30 thousand of my retirement funds. By January of 09 I had also lost my job in the current economy. I am now, in December of 09 restructuring my life, as many of us are today and I am just now making headway on finding employment.

    But I'm changing vocations - I'm retraining myself and using my own pension funds to do it. I am training myself in energy wellness - you can check out my blog at http://countryroadswellness.blogspot.com/ and see how I am changing from executive corporate to living large and with purpose.

    I am also delving into tarot card readings and all the things in life I have loved and never done because of lack of time, or whatever.... (I have been doing readings on myself but would love to try reading others. If anyone is interested - just contact me.)

    But back to the stock market - I have as of September of this year - increased my pension funds by 21,000 as the market bounced back. I cashed it and will work it now to stabilize my retirement funds further which will, with some hard work and planned luck, will be in the next couple of years. Coincidence - hardly - it was good advice and a little help from above.

    Thanks, Esther.

  • I'm so glad people are still posting on this thread. I love all the stories you have shared and many of them made me well up with tears. Very touching. Also very comforting.

    Esther sounds like a remarkable soul, WhiteSwanLove and I will check into you blog.

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