I confessed my feelings for cancer woman and she got mad

  • Hi, I am a male Pisces who fell in love with a female cancer. I'm 36 and I'm guessing she's about 45 or 46. She's divorced, however I am not yet. She has 2 boys and she is the therapist for 2 of my 3 kids. She seemed to be giving me subtle clues that she liked me before I really started liking her. For a while I had taken my wedding ring off because I had a rash on my finger from it. She started being really sweet, had me join in a little more during my sons therapy and she tried to join in a few conversations I had with other people and I noticed she had a hard time looking me in the eyes. She would always look to the side when I looked at her...so much so that I thought she might be mildly autistic (but she's not). when About a month later the rash on my finger went away so I put my wedding ring back on. I noticed her one day looking at my hand and frowning like she was confused as to why I had my ring back on. Not long after that I started getting serious feelings for her. My relationship was on the rocks and still is. We're discussing separation. Anyway, I decided to try to feel her out a little to see how she felt about me. I finally got her to look me in the eyes a few times and she gave me that sweet, adoring sideways head tilt a couple of times too. She would blush and push her hair behind her ears when I would talk to her. She would also glance over at me nervously a lot...and I've seen her looking at me and then quickly look away if I saw her looking. We were both nervous around each other. I texted this Cancerian woman one day when she was sick to tell her I'm sorry she's sick but she never responded and I know she got the text because I saw where it was read. I only got to see her 2 days a week so I was sad that she was sick and that I wasn't going to get to see her. Anyway, the next day there seemed to be a weight lifted out of the room and she seemed genuinely happy...like a beautiful glow and sparkling eyes and laughing. I thought "maybe she liked that I texted her." A few days later I was having a bad weekend and decided if just send her a friendly, goofy text telling her I hope she's having a good weekend. So I did. Again, no response. Well on Monday her body language seemed really closed. She literally faced away from me when I walked in the room. That caused my walls to go up. I was afraid I'd scared her and she was wanting me to go away...so I would read a book and try to distract myself during my kids sessions. I was scared. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. She would try to make very small idle chit chat about it raining all day, or the light bulb being burned out and what not but I was so scared I could barely manage to say anything. My walls were up because I was hurt by her not even acknowledging my texts and then her closed body language. I felt lead on. Anyway, it got to where she seemed a little tense and angry around me. My feelings were only growing so I stopped going in the room with my kids. I think this put her off a little too. She could be so aloof like nothing was going on and then seem so tense and irritated with me the next day. I was so confused by her. This week when my child was through with therapy she brought her into the waiting room where I was and said she did really well. Before she shut the door she looked directly at me and smiled...there seemed to be a definite message behind her smile like she was saying she still liked me. I had it in my head that the next day I would go in with my son and sit with them but when she came out to get him and I started to get up she told my other daughter that the other therapist would be out to get her in a minute. I took this to mean she didn't want me in there so I didn't go. Again I was hurt and confused. I wanted to start things over. I decided to write her a letter just confessing my feelings. I wrote a long letter pretty much gushing everything I felt...it was a really good letter I thought. I sealed it well and put it on her car wind shield. She texted me today and said that she is my child's therapist and that is all and that I have put her in an uncomfortable situation and she didn't appreciate the letter and this has to stop or my kids will be discharged from therapy. Huh?????? I'm confused! What happened and why? I sent a text back saying that was incredibly cruel and insensitive but her message was very clear and I won't contact her anymore. I told her I would have my kids discharged today (the only reason they were still in therapy was because I wanted to keep seeing her. The kids were doing much better). So I called and had them discharged from therapy. I really don't understand. Is this typical of a Cancerian woman to be this cruel? That letter was heart felt and she knew she could hurt me really badly and she did. And why didn't she draw the boundaries after the first text I sent her instead of waiting until I made a fool of myself on paper? My heart is really broken...I was ready to give up everything for this woman. I felt a real connection with her. Like no other person I've ever been with...and I told her that in my letter. Please, someone help me understand. I need some peace.

  • First of all, were you seriously using your children’s therapy sessions to try and hook up with a woman? Sorry, but that sounds incredibly immature. That being said, I think you should consider the fact that maybe you were reading too much into things and that the two of you really did not spend enough time together for you to be in love. Attracted, yes. Infatuated, yes. In love? Only in a teenager sense. She never led you on. You sent her texts and she did NOT reply. That should have told you something. As she said, she is your children’s therapist and she has ethical standards to which she needs to abide. There is a term in therapy called “projection” have you ever heard of it? It sounds a lot like this is what happened here even though she was counseling your children rather than you. For argument’s sake, let’s say she was attracted to you. Wouldn’t it be better to determine the status of your current relationship first? Is your marriage truly over? If so, then go through the process of the divorce first and look to start a new relationship afterward, not before.

  • sorry, TRANSFERENCE, not projection.

  • SOMEONE HAS GOT A WILD IMAGINATION! How did you know she was a cancer? I smell bull! Therapists never give out personal numbers let alone a text. They protect themselves and always keep a barrier between them and patients. You go through their service then they call back on a blocked number. If you are going to pull our leg here you need to do your homework. Too many holes in that story!

  • She's a physical therapist. She had called me a few months ago to get info on one of my kids is how I had her number. Yes I've heard of transference...not for a physical therapist.

  • Do you know what PSYCHIC means?

  • Yes I have some psychic abilities and usually trust my gut instinct. Unfortunately, sometimes matters of the heart make me question them. My gut says 100% that she's in denial of her true feelings. My fear says I've been a fool to think she feels the same.

  • I'm not a psychic but I did get a sense that you had imagined a lot of this "relationship" - built things up in your mind, misconstrued things, etc. Sometimes a smile is just a smile and not an indication of desire and someone's arm brushing up against ours is just a happenstance and not an intentional signal that someone wants to be close. I also brought up transference because it felt like your situation with your marriage was at the foundation of this situation. You mentioned that your relationship was rocky and had been so for a while. And so this other woman is there - someone who cares for and nurtures others - and you idealized her. All the things you were missing in your marriage or wanting from your wife and not receiving were transferred to her. She also works with children which brings in a whole other level of a possible childhood wound or relationship with your mother. Just some things to think about. I'm not an astrologist, but if you truly are a Pisces, you are ruled by Neptune so getting lost in fantasy can be your shadow side.

  • watergirl...you ARE very much a psychic. And your response is right . I at times answer a bogus post if the response can help others. I follow my intuitions and others have to follow theirs. For whatever reason Spirit gave you the right response and I believe mine is right as well. We can't always validate why....we just speak our truth. You have been the most right on reader for me on here! You can be CONFIDENT! blessings!

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