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    I was wondering if anyone out here can clue me in on what the future might hold for me and this new guy I met. I understand that the future is not written in stone, and that sometimes it just not meant to be... Ive been single for awhile, mostly by choice and the rest is just life i guess.... this new guy I met last saturday (sept 19, 2009) is someone im truly interested in getting to know better. Any and all advice, wether good or bad, would be greatly appreciated.

    Boy: August 7, 1981

    Sun: Leo

    Moon: Scorpio

    Ascendant Scorpio

    Venus: Virgo

    Mars: Cancer

    Girl: May 25, 1982

    Sun: Gemini

    Moon: Cancer

    Ascendant: Taurus

    Venus: Aries

    Mars: Libra

    We both currently reside in Montreal, Quebec.


  • Hi marsm,

    I am not an astrologer, but I just wanted to say that even complete astrological forecasts and readings should never be used as the only thing to bring 2 people together. They can give you very possible matches, but the experiences and beliefs and life lessons each bring to the table are what matters. Any choice to lie should be a deal breaker because remembering who said what to whom is an easy way to go crazy, as well as hurt someone irreparably.

    An example, my husband was an induced birth which put him just before Capricorn. We sort of consider him a “cusp” because he exhibits such a marvelous combination of Sag and Cap (even has a Capricorn moon) that our supposed relationship should not have worked out. We just celebrated our 39th anniversary last month, and the 40th anniversary of the day we met this week. We’re still best friends!

    I found 2 articles which were written by Sylvia Browne when she was on SpiritNow which may help you until you get true individual readings.

    Leos and Relationships
    by Sylvia Browne
    Let us talk a bit about exactly what the Leo is like when it comes to relationships. The Leo is a very royal or noble sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is the lion, a very noble and royal beast.
    Leos are best known for being proud, loyal and loving children. These are all excellent qualities to have in a friend, companion, family member or anyone that you would like to know. Admittedly, the Leo can also be a bit fickle -- but then again, can't we all be fickle at times?
    Leos have a strong degree of fidelity - possibly to the strongest in the zodiac. They become totally hurt and disemboweled by broken relationships, and they take guilt totally upon themselves because of any break in a close relationship.
    There is nothing sadder than disappointed Leos, unless it is hurt Cancers. But a Leo can become wrathful if someone they love is hurt -- even a slight hurt. All of the fire signs are like this. They will turn to you and say, "What did you mean by that, when you said....?!" They can say things to others, but God help you if you say it to them. If you ever get into a fight, you want a fire sign right beside you. You do not want any other sign, except maybe a Cancer.
    Leos usually answer to their own instincts. They are highly psychic in the area of natural precognitive abilities, not so much about people, as about events. Now, of course, people are attached to events, but when they're psychically reading, they will see more events, rather than people coming into life. But both sides can be developed.
    Geminis & Relationships
    by Sylvia Browne
    I think one way to describe the Gemini is that they really scatter their love around. The Gemini is a social sign, so it would make sense that this sign would have a bit of trouble settling down to just one or even a few relationships. At times, the Gemini folks are fickle. But do keep in mind that they will love you as much as they can with their whole heart. The Gemini is good at loving their child, parents, family members, friends and others in their lives equally.
    Geminis are fun folks and they want you to have fun when you are around them. This is a very exuberant sign and you could really say that nothing seems to bother them. They can be quite positive, light-hearted and carefree. These are all very appealing characteristics any of us would want in a friend, lover or just about anyone else in our life. Who needs someone who is always down in the dumps? Bring on the Geminis who know how to create a party out of nothing but a box of crackers and a couple of soda cans.
    Now I'll let you in on the secret to success for marriage with a Gemini: you'll do well married to a Gemini only if you understand that they are going to flit from flower to flower. Don't worry—they are not going to run from romance to romance as a married person. More like they will be likely at one moment to say, "I want to take up salsa dancing," and then two days later will say, "I want to take up pottery." The Gemini takes up new interests and before you know it, they tire of them and move on.
    Enjoy those wonderful Geminis in your life! They are fun folks who always know how to make you smile!
    I hope some of this helps, but I’d definitely keep a friendship going until life answers your question.
    In Love and Light,

  • thank you Judee!!!

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