• Loving thoughts coming your way Jean. Wishing you peaceful healing moments of rest during this fight of your life. You are not alone!

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    I got an email from Jean today. After the surgery she was so weak and all was so difficult that they couldn't do the chemo. Luckily she has a very strong and determined doctor who had them get her rehydrated and strengthened, and they could start the chemo. She feels good after the chemo and is improving and getting stronger. Her family seems to be around her as much as possible. They rented an apartment near the hospital which they have all decorated for Christmas to make it more like home. She has five hours chemo once a week. This is what you prayed for Blmoon, and she seems to have the right doctor. Some days she goes out for a walk, others she just sleeps. She lovescmy messages, they make her laugh or smile... I am so happy she tolerates the chemo well and it actually makes her feel good.

    Jean still needs all our prayers. Thank you.

  • Grace be to God! AMEN!

  • Jean is having a tough time. She needs all our prayers. Usually the chemo helps a couple of days, but this time it didn't. She is losing weight and her hair starts to fall out. Hard time for her.

    Thank you for your prayerful support.

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  • Dear Jean

    Your battle continues but you are not abandoned. The cancer cells are in retreat. Despite your body's exhaustion know that the Angels are at this moment sending you strength. Sending you Peace. This is a brutal fight. Dear Angels please surround Jean with healing light so her body can rest and resist the cells that do harm. Also, dear Angels please deliver to Jean the power of love we share for her in prayer. We are all connected. We care Jean. We gather in God's name. You are loved. AMEN.

  • Miracle bump!

  • I sent Jean your beautiful prayer. I usually don't talk about her illness in my emails, but I thought it would do her good. I hope to hear from her soon. You are right, her husband is very afraid and totally lost. He is coming on January 10th with his son to wrap up things here and he asked for my help, which I am more than ready to offer. Thank you for being there, it helps enormously.