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  • possible, earth. what did he do with it by the way? if he is only collecting them, then the energies are not his. it just happen to be there and he just bought them for the fancy look. but if he is using them like I do, he needs to clean them every single day or every time he is done with it. if he doesn't do this, the crystals energy may turn against him. it also depends though on the person. some people were born with natural barrier, they don't get affected as easy as others. if he has this, then even if he doesn't clean them, he won't be affected. I don't know if you are sensitive or not, but clean the gems that he left you with salt under running water and let them air dry. once they are dry, blow your breath on every corner of the gems. this will allow them to 'know' you are not your brother. don't use them for now. leave them where they are. if you still feel troubled in within a few days max. a week, throw them out or bury them but first clean them the same way, with salt under running water so your energy doesn't contaminate anyone else that happens to pick them up. if you want to give them away, also clean them first because the crystals will now contain your energy and it may not be compatible with the new owner's energy.

    if you somehow feel better, or you have this strange feeling that comfort you when you are not far from the crystals. then you can energize them under the sun and start using them. you can talk to your brother find out about the crystals, what he did with it, his experience etc. he might actually give you more tips about crystals, since you said he was into them. I only used them because I was told to and so far they haven't failed me. if they do fail me, I will surely clean them and throw them away.

  • thanks so much, great advice everyone.. my brother was into thes crystals, he had a bag full he carried around.. he did put them in the sun a few times while he stayed with me nut only once every two weeks or so.. he was sensative to them and tested me with one by seeing if i could feel heat from them with the palm of my hand. i did feel a little heat. then he had me put one he gave me next to my forehead and it made me dizzy lol.... so , i guess i am sensative to them. it was fairly a new thing for him at the time. he gave me a clear and yellow looking crystal and said it would help me for stress. i have others i found but dont know what they are. i washed all with salt tonight and set them out on my deck rail to dry in the moon light.

  • Hi EarthWind...I would imagine being in real estate you are pulled in different directions. You get calls at different times, help people make major transformations etc.. The list is constantly going on. I feel that you need to remember why you got into real estate. Then when you get there ask what it's gonna take to enjoy this again. This job calls you to be many things. That's ok but know that you can't be everything. Have faith that God is in control and offer troubles to Him. I think you need confidence that you are a problem-solver and helper. Take credit that you can do it. There are a lot of people that are depressed. Sometimes it helps when you can recognize this. I'm not talking about you. Be happy and smile a lot. I think you probably have a lot to offer just remember to take care of yourself. Be honest about your limits and don't be hard on yourself. Remember your a counselor, financial analyst, salesperson, legal consultant!

  • Hi Serious, please nobody flame me here, I'm new -- just wondering, have you had any changes in any medications or hormones lately? A few years ago the pharmacy changed my birth control pills -- they just went from a brandname to a generic -- and overnight I slipped into a serious depression. I couldn't tell anyone you know, I acted fine on the outside during the day, but on the drive home at night I would just SOB, I just wanted to kill myself. Long story short I'm off the pills altogether, and it helped. It took some time to feel better. My husband and best friend totally chastised me after that ("WHY didn't you tell us???") but I just didn't feel like anybody could possibly help. Plus, I was embarassed.

    Take a look, medication and hormone changes can be BIG.

  • Definatly, thanks for shring jen. Although no I am not on any meds or anything in that nature, meds might help. I am looking into almost every possible angle as I can, from physical , to mental, to spiritual. Ive took a loss in alot of areas latly and im stuck.

  • I lost my husband three years ago to cancer he passed in our home since then i see a dark shadow alot things were not going well where i lived so i moved to another state all was good until about a month ago this shadow was started again and i have slight set backs with money and relationships. My visions show me being here in the future but i really need to remove this shadow around me. as with you serious7 i to feel stuck in a pattern i can not break.I do belive in God and have prayed but i feel there is something else needed.

  • thanks dalia, u know what the real estate business is all about, well at least with someone who tries to be of help. i want to help people. there are a lot of agents who just see this as a sales position and they dont really care about the customers, just whether they are making money. maybe i should be that way but i cant, i always put eveyone before me whether i am making money or not.

  • cindy, I use easy affordable way to clean up my surrounding. I used to be in a place that is crowded with spirits that I feel overwhelmed and can't function sometimes. you can read my first post to serious7 that describes it. I can't see who this shadow is, but if you don't feel comfortable with it, I'd guess it isn't your husband. unless he was abusive to you, of course. some people are mean to the root. even if they die, they will still try to harm you. anyway I clean my environment with sage incense. I was told other ways but this is simpler and affordable and it works for me. I use to lit a few in the morning then go to each room with them. then I will place them by the front or back doors until they are al burnt. It's not necessary to put incense on every room, by taking them around the house it already cleans it. if however you need more comfort and need more than prayer, I will let you know the other ways my friend suggested me. It's quite elaborate and because you are into religion, I think you have doubts of going these other ways. So try the incense first, and then let us know how it works in a week. You need to give it a week to see the effects. And it doesn't mean you have to lit incense 24 hrs. one go around every day will clean it for the whole day. I put them by the front and back doors to halt bad energy coming from outside. there are people that carry bad energy without them realizing it. with the incense at the doors, they can come in, without the bad energy. if you have a little garden, plant some sage or rosemary there. I don't think this will go against your religion, it's only plants. but yeah, it's your choice.

  • You are going through alot but it sounds like we all understand and have gone thru something similar, so please don't feel alone. I moved and had a ghost follow me too. I'm still trying to get rid of it through cleansing but since it's not a real bad ghost my heart isn't really in it so he may still be around. He just imitates members of my family to startle and worry me sometimes. Since the last clearing I did it seems to have worked and he's no longer around. There's been some good advice it sounds like by others to follow so you can start there with the clearing. Some health food stores also carry sage bundles for smudging and incense. Also, drugs and alcohol can open doors to the negative aspect of the spirit world as well, including marijuana so if there is any of that you or your family members should abstain at least for awhile. You should make sure also that you eat well through the stressful period. Protein can keep you grounded and can help you handle stress better. Doesn't have to be meat protein necessarily. They sell Reiki infused candles such as Joy which may help bring some positiveness around after the clearing. I also lived in an apartment and there had been a fire there and we think that's where the ghost came from. I'm curious as to what type of images you are seeing. Are you seeing things and then they come true? Is it like that? i wish you luck and hope to hear back from you too.

  • I understand what stress can do and have learned alot from my Applied Kinesiologist chiropractor about that. I had a sales job too and had a great deal of stress and it turned into fibromyalgia and post traumatic stress disorder. What happens is all that fight or flight stuff drains the adrenals, you get run down and try to push yourself and that drains them even more and then your body pulls vitamins and minerals to help, then they can get drained, then you have more stress and it just keeps running you down and it's a vicious cycle. Plus you sound sensitive. You are right it can help you with your clients, but boy tt'll take a toll on you. What do you do for relaxation, for a hobby or for fun? Hmmm? Most people in real estate don't take that time for themselves and you really need that balance for yourself. tt's very easy to get involved in that next deal, that next person's problems and you are probably a very kind and caring person and take on alot. Sounds like the "Perfect Storm" for your health. I'm not a doctor but I can tell you what helped me..there was a time I could barely walk. I found a good nutritionally oriented doctor (applied kinesiologists can test you through muscle testing to see what is best just for you). One of the best ingredients in a vitamin is ginseng to help with the adrenals. Rest, rest, rest, rest. It sounds like you are in overdrive and you need to take some time for youself. The fact that you can get busness through thinking about it in a positve way is great! Trust that and know it will come to you when you really need it. Balance is the key. You can spend time outdoors for the vitamin D (also helped my muscles) and to relax in nature as It works miracles! Oh, I know how you feel more than you know! Please keep me posted!

  • I'm new here too and realized I'm not putting peoples names first. This reply is for earthwndfire!

  • EarthWiindandFire, I also remembered something else when you said your muscles hurt, that can also be an indication you are not going into the deepest REM sleep which can be caused by the cortisol going haywire in your body (the adrenals secreting the fight or flight hormone). When you don't get deep enough sleep your body does not secrete enough of the growth hormone that you need to repair your muscles. It helps me if I go back to sleep in the morning which I know is hard when you are in your type of business, but if you can give yourself permsission to just sleep for 2 days a week that may help too. Even if I get up for a bit and go back to sleep for some reason that's when my body wants to go into that deeper sleep then I feel much better after that. Maybe that's when the cortisol is lowest? Don't know but after years of suffering that's what I've learned what works for me. If you get a really knowledgeable storeowner in a health food store they can usually help you too. Good luck!

  • wow, thanks all, i am so greatfull for all your advice. i am trying to think of a way to generate an auto pilot income so i can take care of myself. i have a few web base ideas but dont know if it would work or not but i have several details to work out in between trying to keep up with my other clients. realestate has taken up alot of my time and energy but not getting income from it only expenses. lots of problems with lenders and short sales. even though i tend to get clients by thinking open to the idea it doesnt get me closings which is where my pay is. i have a small metal fab shop i do part time. it seems to help in slow times with a little income but it really bothers my back and feet and thats why i had got into realestate 9 yrs ago. the last 2 yrs i have had to depend on the shop business but at the same time still working real estate.

    doing both over the years has been tough . sometimes i have been behind on my shop work and my client may be out of stock and really pushing me. then i am thinking no orders to my client for that part in my mind until i can work it out. my client has mentioned that it was funny, every time i am behind on an order, he doesnt get orders for that part. normally he gets orders weekly! is that strange or what! gaurdian angel, pshychic? any ideas? i am usually really trying to meet all my demands when this happens. i dont goof off other than a lot of fatigue and have to rest a lot. i think if i was goofing off the orders would still come in and i would loose the client. sorry i was getting away from the main subject. i do need to take time for myself, its just really hard because i feel if i need to work if my body allows it . i do got out for diner with friends on the weekend sometimes or hang at a cookout with them but as far as having my thing i do for fun for myself, i dont. i realized that thats i good chance i am in this situation now.

  • balance is important in life. energy has to circulate, not stagnant. if you don't keep balance in your life, your energy is stuck and causes you problems anywhere it can manifest. because life has to keep going. you have to move past the difficulties, find a solution to each and every single one. if you look you will find. the universe may have been throwing hard lessons at you, but it will not refuse to provide help when you ask. because asking help, is already a sign that you are willing to learn the lessons, you just don't know where to start. turn inward. take time off, even from your own worries. try the gems or if you are into meditation, go ahead. anything you do with clear and selfless intention, will provide you a solution.

    to function well in life, your psyche and physique have to be both paid attention to. the brain and the heart may not work the same way, but there is a reason why we were born with both. because we are not supposed to ignore any of them or the balance will be disrupted, flow of energy is halted and problems manifest wherever it could. on top of that, outside interferences making it worse because you do not protect yourself from them.

    fun and relaxation don't always mean spending money. lots of free online yoga classes if you are into it. or if you want to try gems, you have some already. your brother sure can help. the recession is the right time to test your true strength. if you get out of it, nothing much of this scale can bring you down. if you are into religion, there must be religious people you can speak to in your area. I'm going off this topic now. I think I've shared enough of what I know. good luck.

  • thanks so much leoscorpion, i really appreciate everything you and others have shared. i take these responses very seriously , i am trying to learn from others as much as possible as to figure out what is happining to me and around me. i want to move forward and resume living again. hopefully i will find solutions soon to this 3-4 yr downward spiral. i will refer back to all the advice many times while working this out. you guys are amazing for taking the time to help.

  • I know Ive asked this alot but I really need some help, can anyone at all please give me a reading, thanks 🙂

  • hey all, i had something weird goin on yesterday friday oct the 16th.... i had people i now but never talk to seeking me out yesterday.. first by phone and then on email and facebook... it was really strange that all of the suden people were coming out of the woodwork want ting talk to me... i couldnt even open my facebook with out someone instant meesaging me! 2 at once sometimes... most of these people i only see or talk to maybe once a year at best. some of them many years. any idea of a kind of enegy i wa s putting out and if its something i can manage? or was there a cosmic thing going on...... just courius, thought someone may have a little insight. thanks all

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