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  • Hello all,

    This is my first time posting. I was wondering if I might beable to gain some helpful knowledge or help. I am a firm believer in god and all things in his name. BUT sometimes it seems I may have a split personality as well. Its like watching the TV and seeing things happen but all you can do is scream at it until the channel changes. I get visions as well, certian things happening and feelings I know are not my own. I would appreciate If someone could do a reading and try and help me out, or even anything more indepth. Thank you in advance. Also if you need any info dont hesitate to ask.

  • You're approaching what is called "the dark night of the soul" which is nothing to be afraid of. If you can simply go with these urges to "scream at the tv" or do/say other things which are out of character for you, you'll come out of this a bit quicker than otherwise. It's not easy: you see the old you slipping away and this dark side of yourself emerging which you didn't know was there. This is completely normal as are your feelings of fear at this. I suggest reading some of Carl Jungs works as he is one who describes the "shadow" side of the human psyche with some great depth and insight.

    You are approaching a balance between those two sides of yourself, so as said, please try and relax into this as much as you can. If you can take time off work, do so. Talk to someone trusted about what you're going through and keep the faith my friend. You'll be okay. We don't have a dark side for no reason. Remember this: there is no dark without light, no black without white, no wrong without right, etc. It's all about balance.

    GOOD LUCK. Hope this helps you some 🙂 Oh, and by the way, if you're on your own and you get the urge to scream: SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN. Just hope the neighbours don't think you're being attacked or something ... 🙂 You need to express this somehow, some way.

  • thanx chris. That gives me a better way to think about it 🙂

  • does anyone else have any other input?

  • you may need to clean your environment, place that you live in I mean. it sounds like something is trying to take over you. maybe you happen to be in a place crowded with spirits and a few of them may try to use you to communicate with others, like a medium.

    these visions could happen because you are psychic or because spirits try to show you something. don't be afraid. bad spirits feed on fear. the more you fear and worry, the more they will invade you. I don't think they are bad, since you don't say anything about being assaulted.

    Try to find out more about your family tree and the place you live in. I'm saying family tree because sometimes it's not the place you live in that needs cleansing, it's just that you have it in you. is there a psychic in your family? or someone that has experienced the same? Also, try to find out about the house you live in. neighbors are the best shot. they usually know more about previous owner. spirits can choose to stay in the place they used to live in, which can mean your house. or they can stay around people they love that are still alive.

    in any case it doesn't hurt to clean your environment. the easy way to do this is to lit sage incense and take it around the house (inside, not outside). then leave it by the door until it burns completely. do this every day, maybe the same time every day. I experienced similar to what you were going through when I rent a place. I found out that an old lady that lived behind the property died nobody knew why. she lived alone and nobody found out she died until probably a month or so when her family decided to visit her.

    I went to ask a spiritual person and she told me to clear up my property with the incense. I was never happy in this place either. At times I felt like 'vacant' and 'filled' with something else. It wasn't harming me or anyone else, but whoever it was, it is not me. Also the only people nice to me was the family I rent it from. Everyone else seems to either avoid me or not happy that I'm there. They could be sending me bad vibes too.

    I couldn't get out of rent easily so I followed her advice until the day the rent contract is over. I don't know if this is good enough for you, but trying it won't hurt and incense is cheap. If it doesn't work though, and you still experience it, time to get an expert like medium or in your case a pastor to look at your place.

  • Thanks for the input Leo, My family tree is all over. I recently discovered on my moms side of the family I am a direct descendent of a pope. As well as that I have also encountered many things such as this as well. I do beleieve the house we are renting is haunted by an anomaly and the expierence you listed above does seem to match. But most of this was happening before the move. I have awoken to find scratches on my body before and I have also almost always heard horrible screaming right before I go to bed. Also ive discovered sometimes right before im about to enter sleep my body jerks violently sometimes. Ive been the docter's and so far nothing out of the ordinary has been found. There is so much more involved as well. Thank you very much for the advice youve givin.

  • Start doing the latihan, www.subud.com. That takes away demons, spirits, and anything you can think of that might be in your way. Latihan is an exercise for the soul. The meaning of the word "latihan" is "excercise". So it is only an excercise for the soul. Before latihan, it is important to give a prayer to God, so that you are sure that it comes from the right place. But in subud God has many names. Subud is the only forum in the world where muslims and christians and buddhists (who even dont call it God at all) worship God together. But it comes from God. Really. The purpose of the excercise is to surrender the soul, body, mind, control, everything to the Light that created us, so that it can heal our soul and so that we easily can follow guidance from it. Again, I promice you it is not a sect, since there is no doctrine or religion. Merely a willingness to trust the Light that created us and let it heal us.

    You can pray to God. For example: "Allmighty God, let me surrender my demons do you." Or: "Allmighty God, let me surrender my soul to you". Then it is important that you expect it to happen. I hope you receive the "holy ghost", if you have not allready. If you excercise to continue receiving from it, then the problems will leave you if you are surrendering completely, if you have total faith in the Heaven that gave us life. Dont worry about anything. Worries are useless, that is just useless entertainment for the brain.

    If you join subud, you will receive the holy ghost. I did.

  • I see, so this is worst than my experience actually. Mine was just limited to the place, I didn't carry it with me when I moved.

    I'd suggest an expert like a religious leader or medium. Whatever it is seems to follow you, no matter where you live it will harm you. If you let it continue, it will take control of you (this time long term) and make you harm others on top of yourself. The medium can see and communicate with the spirits, angry ones or not. And will be able to see what is actually happening to you. The religious leader may be able to refer you to someone that can help.

    Doctors are physicians, they deal with physical stuffs and yours is not one. I have heard mentally ill people hurt themselves at night, but you have to actually be 'disconnected' from all that is normal to be able to do it. Depressed people do hurt themselves but they don't hear scream or get visions. I can imagine if they do, they will get worse.

    Please talk to someone soon. The longer you let it happen, it will wear you off and occupy you without you even realizing it because you have been troubled for so long you will start to get used to it. That's when it gets scary.

    I have heard similar to this case is a poltergeist activity. For more info try google the word poltergeist. It might explain a few things. By the way I suggested a pastor because I assumed you are Catholic 🙂 don't know why, but whoever your religious leader is, will be good idea to contact them. Help will come if you look.

  • THW! thank you! and leo, I will! and thank you alot!

  • hey i was just wondering if anyone has any input on this. i went thru 3 very stressful times where i was fight or flight for as much as a year off and on the 1st and 3-6 months the other 2 times... i have kinda lost my ability to handle stress now and very fatigued with lots of muscle pain, spasm issues.. i have really been picking up on others feelings and feel i have to do what it takes to fix them. i work in real estate so i get all this stress from them as well. it does help me because i pick up on what they need better but it wears and stresses me out.... .........

    i saw a small child ghost in my house about a yr ago and then it was breathing in my ear u til i couldn take it anymore and went to bed. i also have felt someones age when the topic was brought up and thought about a plane crashing in the spot i was setting and it happened 1 hr later............... is something going on with me? other little things happen like when i get stressed and cant handle clients anymore, i just say no more! and no one calls.wheni feel better i put out the thought i may could take on more and i get calls..... any thoughts to my best action on this? is i anything or something i should persue?????

  • well of course most of that is empathy. The rest is god working through you and understanding your needs. Your senses are most certainly heightened and you are being sought out to help other people. Which it seems you are doing. I am going through similar expierences and am getting very confused myself. I would say help people as much as you can and try and bubble off what is yours and what isnt. With the spasms im not to sure im trying to figure out mine as well.

  • earth, I'm not sure what an empath is. but serious7 could be right.

    you sure are sensitive and have a certain degree of psychic ability. so you pick up others emotions and you can see into the future as far one year. some people could be psychic but they don't see that far into the future. I would suggest, if it's not much trouble, that you develop it. being sensitive and dealing with real estate you might actually pick up not only the vibes that your customers send out, but also the energies left in the vacant properties.

    this is what's wearing you off, simply said: too much at a time. you need to learn to block harmful energies. you actually can't stay inside avoiding people, because it won't release the harmful energies in fact you have to be active so the energy will circulate instead of becoming stagnant. stagnant energy is like a time bomb and will hurt you physically sooner or later.

    so don't avoid meeting people, just block the harmful energy. also some people may actually send you helpful energy not realizing it. so you see there is no need to hide behind the doors unless some sniper is ready to take you out lol

    two ways to get rid of negative energy that I have tried. one is keeping black tourmaline gem and quartz crystal. they are affordable, I got them both $30 from ebay incl. shipping. any size will do. energize them under the sun every day. then every night before you sleep, or after meeting people, wash them with salt under running water. dry them (don't use towels or tissue, just let them sit to dry) then blow your breath to each corner of the gems, this will allow them to work for you. hold them close and try to remember your experience during the day, so that the gems can see what happened. if you do this every day, you will notice the difference. if you google these two gems, you'll know why I recommend them. they work for me, and I used to hold them while sleeping lol in the morning either my troubles are gone or something happens that solve it. they capture negative energies and throw them back to sender.

    another way is to visualize a blue light. this is a method indigenous people use. visualize this before you meet people or go to a property. blue or white, is good. it will block harmful energy from entering you and return it to sender. you may forget to do this but with practice you will be good at it. but you have to remember not to send negative energy to others. remind yourself time to time again because this is equally important. the negative energy you send out will wear others off and if they resist, you will get it back. so don't. in times of doubts and anger, remind youself to send only good vibes so if it's returned it's ok if not it doesn't matter. I do this by remembering funny movies or funny shows so I am relaxed and have better control of myself.

    if the spirits that you meet are not hurting you, maybe you can try talk to them. get a pen and paper, maybe even ice cream, act as if this child can still eat it (not anymore, right? he's dead!) the boy may think you are funny and willing to use your hands to write about him. good luck.

  • Good advice leo, BUt i would steer clear away from crystals IMO. They can only cause alot more than you bargained for. Id stick to prayer and worship if possible. As well as lots of research and investigation. Find people in the area who or like you, and also stick to using these things for other people!

  • I never have problems with crystals, just that I have to remember to clean them regularly on top of energizing them. but if this doesn't work for him I guess he can try mere visualization. quartz crystal especially is very powerful block. the black tourmaline is to absorb negativity. at least this combination works for me. for other people only quartz may be good already to start with.

  • Kool beans, I on the otherhand have. I excepted a crystal from someone in my past and I believe I may have extraced not so good vibes from them. This happened on two accasions and I was not aware of the rules and working of crystals.

  • I see. Be careful when accepting anything from anyone. They may not realize it and probably are not sensitive enough to notice the bad energy of the items, they simply bought it because they though it's pretty and you would like it. Every item, not only crystals, carry energy in them. These energies are what make them attractive to you in the first place, but if the person is not sensitive, he /she will just go by price or look. Some items actually pick up energies on top of what they already have. There is a story about a couple who bought a cross to display in their new home. Things didn't turn out well in their relationship, the woman held the cross and swore that if her husband divorces her and marries the other woman, he will die. But the divorce happens anyway, and the other woman lets the cross stay in the house. As soon as they get married, the man kept getting into problems. Either accident, sickness, fall off the stairs etc. They call a medium that picks up the bad energy from the cross, so they get rid of it and since then nothing unusual happens to him. they can of course have the cross blessed again to get rid of the bad energy, but they just choose to get rid of it. Just an example.

    I don't want to say anything bad about the person that gave the gems to you, but if things turn out bad between you and someone, toss away everything that you accepted from them. How bad it is, depends on how you feel. Go with what you feel. The crystals I have I bought them myself. But yeah this is just my experience, not like everyone else has to do the same. In any ways I wish you and earth well. May help and solution come your way.

  • This is very true leo. Everyone carries burdens with them. The crystal in particular were basically handed down. They already were used by the people that gave them to me. As always leo thanks 🙂

  • Does anyone else have any advice?

  • wow, this brings up another question... my brother was going thru hard times 2 years ago. i invited him to come staye with me and help out with my business. he was here 6 months and was into crystals, he left me a few to keep. i have been going down hill since then now that i think about it. is it possible his negative energy jumped on me?


  • Very possible. I believe within the crystals they are able to hold any type of energy. I think the crystals I got ahold of were filled with negativity. If the crystal is inpure then the energies within can take a hold on a person. My advice get rid of them and cleanse your house and your soul.

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