• Hi!

    I was wondering if anyone out here can clue me in on what the future might hold for me and this new guy I met.

    Boy: August 7, 1981

    Sun: Leo

    Moon: Scorpio

    Ascendant Scorpio

    Venus: Virgo

    Mars: Cancer

    Girl: May 25, 1982

    Sun: Gemini

    Moon: Cancer

    Ascendant: Taurus

    Venus: Aries

    Mars: Libra

    we both currently reside in Montreal, Quebec.

  • woa, I feel this may be a clash of the titans kind of relationship. Things will start to go a little south after a while if things are mutual. You may be a little more clingy than he may want at this time. When you get attracted you may fall harder than most. If anything take it easy play a little hard to get. I think he may like it.

  • thank you!!

    I really really like im and im trying really hard to remind myself to not be clingy. any advice on how to play hard to get would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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