Energy and Residents

  • Hi Everyone,

    I would like to just give a few words of wisdom about living in different states and residents.

    Can you be living at the wrong address in the wrong state? My answer is yes you can.

    I am not a world traveler, yet I am sure and have been told that my chart of life includes many residential moves. The last state I lived in was Austin, TX and the house was brand new. The neighborhood was young and I am a senior. Yes, it did present a generation gap. There were few seniors in the neighborhood. The ones I met and had over for dinner told of how she sent out invitations for dinner at her home to her neighbors and none showed up. Can you therefore be at the wrong address? She suffered from not having this contact and friendships she had hoped for.

    I can share with you that each state has it own energy. In Roanoke, VA there is a laid back charming energy, I made friends fast there and got involved in metaphysical work right away. Thi

    s is a family state. If you are looking for high energy level activity this is not the place for you to be, it is very time blocked.

    Rhode Island does have a senior part of town in which I lived , yet there still were younger people all around of course. I found this states energy to be one of family and for those that lived there , they would not think of leaving that area, they loved the cold. I still have friends I communicate with there and did volunteer work in a lovely health and nutritional store.

    I have lived long enough now to know that even if you put forth your best effort in trying to find the right place to live , you go where you can learn the most lessons of life at that time, and yes some are painful to go through. Yet, when you look back on them, you know that God was with you and helping you with walking through troubled waters, perhaps you had to live there to even draw closer to him as I have done.

    I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Wisdom Filled New Year


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  • Hi Mist,

    It's really nice the way you described the places. I have not travelled/moved much but what you said certainly rings true for me, in a metaphorical sense. I still feel like a nomad in this life - much movement, change and disruption. Different circumstances, jobs, people, energy - and lessons. I can see 'why' I had been at some of these places - on hindsight.

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