Dream Inturitation

  • I hope someone can help me with a repetitive dream in which I never have.

    I own a white car and in the dream I go and get in the car and it starts to move without my starting it, it begins to gain speed and I try to stop it and can't, it stops on its own.

    In the second dream I own a red car and I'm walking towards the car and it starts to move down the road on it own and of course I start to chase it and again before it gets hit by an oncoming truck it stops.

    I would really appreciate help given to understand what these dreams mean.


  • Cars in dreams represent the direction your life is taking and your motivations for living. A white car represents your spiritual self, your true essence, your soul. This car is moving forward fast without your control, which may indicate how you feel about your own spiritual course. The red (represents speed) car stands for your physical or material life/self, for passion and energy, and it is also out of your control, running quickly away from you and almost crashing. There seems to be a feeling of anxiety or fear about these dreams. Are things feeling out of control or chaotic in your life? Do you feel powerless to stop things changing? Or not powerful enough to bring on the change you want? Are you feeling physically endangered or fatigued? Do you need to slow down and think about your life in order to regain control? You may need a total break from life for a while to gain some direction and sense of order.

  • Thank you captain, what truth your explaination holds. Yes, I am tried and having a problem with my left leg and hip, but having treatment now. Yes, I do feel powerless with all the changes I have been going through lately. I am taking more control now and making changes with my health.

    I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas


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