Would love a reading regarding work

  • I would like a reading guiding me to my next parttime job. Right now I work 20 hrs taking care if an elderly woman if become almost family with. I work under the table with her. But I need a 2nd job over the table. I have run out of luck with homecare. They never offer clients to fill the availability I have left. I need my Medicaid right now cause Full time minimum wage won't make me enough 4the medical care I need and student loans I will need to pay. I'm hoping when my fiance and I get married and he gets union job with good health insurance then I will be able to get into the veterinary technician field I went to school for. Which won't pay alot. Anyhow, will I have luck in your homecare? Where will my next part time job be at? How will I find it? When? It's been a year and my fiance and my self included is frustrated

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