Celebrity Tarot, How do I get the word out?

  • Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of creating my first deck of tarot "Celebrity Tarot". I'm an artist who dabbles in tarot and astrology. Some have loved my deck and some have said it's awful and they hate it because Beyonce is satanic and shouldn't be on the empress card, that it isn't for traditionalists. Mind you, really I am an artist, so the celebrities I choose for each card are based on my own personal perceptions of the individual. I'm surprised that I have received such harsh criticism from the tarot community. If anyone could give me some insight on what would make my deck more palatable, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. I have only 12 days left and I'm nowhere close to my goal. I will probably need to redo the Kickstarter unless a miricle happens, but I's my dream to create my own decks that are basically 78 tiny pieces of art in a series. A very large undertaking.

    I'M still creating images, but you can see what I have so far by visiting the Kickstarter link:


    Thank you all for your help,

    Celebrity Tarot on Kickstarter

  • Hi Celeb, perhaps more generic or at least undisputed archetypical people lend themselves to tarot better than our personal perception of someone. To me Beyoncé better illustrates the devil card so perception is all and others opinions may be the best guide as to where you've gone wrong.

    What we pin on a card meaning wise depends on what the symbology evokes in us and if some people have attached negative meanings to the empress then the deck is wrong, as a symbol she obviously does not work. The Empress card screams Lady Diana to me but that's purely my perspective. Best of luck with it.

  • PS you obviously needed more feedback from more people which is what you're trying now to achieve and with this deck I feel it's more your trial run than your success, there is expansion around this project with perseverance and thought. Obviously as your insight into the tarot grows so your deck will follow suit, there's expertise in your spread as an artist and lots of healthy enthusiasm but a stubbornness with others.

  • Celebrity,

    I took a look at what you have so far and you are a great artist. Since the Tarot cards can be upsetting to some to look at, this is a very nice change. I hope that the right people will be attracted to them and put you on the road to affluence.

  • On first look I thought your post was spam. You lead to a web sight and folks need to be careful of going to unknown web-sights so if you are not getting a big response here it is because others are just being cautious. I never visit an unknown sight unless I know the person well and trust their judgement.. I can comment on this card idea without seeing them. I use cards and as an artist myself I do enjoy the artistry side of it. I use several different decks. Doreen Virtue is my favorite creator. I have basic tarot skills but as a psychic medium I tend to read cards psychically.. Cards have no power in themselves but are a means of communication between the reader and Spirit. Cards are a language. And interpretation is key. Images are meant to invoke meaning. Using celebrities can be an edgy notion but can be risky. Celebrities already have forced image meanings. They are also too personal. If someone does not like the celebrity at all they are not going to spend time on that card...it will be negative. If you give meaning to the card and include that on the card it would help but may not overcome the feelings of the reader. Cards are a great extension for creativity but not from someone who just dabbles in cards. Dabbles is not a good foundation. What is your intention for making celebrity cards? Why celebrities ? I would have a hard time seeing Beyonce as an empress. I see her as a man made image of fame. Fame is often an illusion. You have chosen an idea that will drag your artistic talent down. I'm sure some others may enjoy them but mostly I do not see them as being very successful. I also feel that you want input but like most artists you are fiercely connected to your free spirited ideas and you are going to do this regardless of input. BLESSINGS!

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