Help me with my cancer male

  • so recently, a few months ago, i started talking to this cancer man. he is one year older than me, i am 17 and a leo female he is 18 and as I said a cancerian (born 3.july). he has some of the same friends as me, so i had seen him in the hallway and always wondering who this guy was, because he was so handsome and laid back, kind of mysterious, and i becaume so curious of who he was and i wanted to get to know him. so this one day i cought his name, and searched on him on social media, and found him. the same day he actually liked my post on instagram, so i decided to add him on snapchat. i did not talk to him at first, but then he contacted me and we started snapping/talking. (sorry if my english is bad) this went on for a while, and then i started talking to him at school, only as friends. i felt there was an instant connection between us, and i got more and more attached to him. we talked as usual friends, but there were days where he just ignored me, but i did not care about it much (i know they are moody) so i just continued my life as usual, because we were just friends, so i did not think it would matter much anyways. but then he started talking to me again, so sweet and kind, and i felt that he really cared and maby liked me, cause we joked a lot with eachother a lot and had some deep conversations. after a while, we both went at a party, and later that night i was stuck and had to get a ride home, so he said he would pick me up, and so he did, and then he asked me to come to his place insted. he also btw paid some food for me, because i was hungry. later on we went to his house and we had some great sex, and later that morning there was nothing awkward between us. we decided to keep this night a secret, because he did not want his friends to know, and i was okay with that. he also asked me if i was seeing someone else at the moment (i was/are not), and he also said he did not just sleep with anybody. after this night, he got very nervous about me beeing pregnant, so he insisted me to take a test, and make sure i was not. he continuedtalking and asking about this theme for several weeks, even if a was sure i was not pregnant. the following weeks after the night we had sex, he was very kind and cared for me and my health. I was very unsure if he liked me or was just beeing nice,because when we text, he is kind and generous, but in the hallway at school he ignores me and dont look at me. but those times when I walk over and set myself down with him and his friends, he is joking with me and is acting a little tough guy. he offends me and comments things that I say in a mean way, so i just dont get him. In the last couple of days, he has totally ignored my texts, he didnt even open them, just deleted them. and i find that very strange, because the same day as this started, he had been so nice to me (i was sick and had a flue), and he said get well sone and so on. later that day he went out with the guys, and ever since he has not texted me once? i just dont understand what he is thinking or feeling? i may have given him some hints the night before he started to ignore me, that i like him, but not to obvious. so can anyone tell me what to say or do? what is going on in his mind? how does he flirt, would a cancer male flirt with you in a mean and harsh way? is he trying to avoid/hide his feelings for me? please help me, im so lost in this man.

  • Ellsy, this guy likes to have sex with you in private but, in public, he does not want to be seen with you or have people think you are together. He is afraid of being trapped into a relationship if you get pregnant. He is more into himself than into you. You can do so much better. If someone doesn't want to be seen with you, find someone who will be proud.

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