The Possibility of Everything

  • Yippee! I had a HUGE epiphany yesterday.

    Background: I left the bustling city and moved back to the small, rather dull (as I thought) home town of my birth a few years ago to take care of my mother who is elderly and frail. In my mind, I got stuck in thinking that, after leaving the big smoke to return home, I was moving backwards and my possibilities for living and loving and excitement were pretty much limited by being back in the same old place where I never found much to be happening. I slipped back into a small-town mentality. I became small myself. In other words, I forgot I was an all-powerful glorious immortal being and just collapsed into being an ordinary human person living a bog-standard unexceptional life.

    But then it hit me, as I milled about doing some Christmas shopping, of all things. We are all equal and the same, all souls of magnificent timeless substance and quality - so each and every person and each and every situation, no matter where I am, has the unlimited possibility to be heaven-sent! I looked around with new eyes at my fellow shoppers, no longer seeing their ordinary outer appearances but their inner power and radiance and their prospect of being my mentor or guide, my soulmate, or the bringer of exciting opportunities.

    The world tilted on its axis at this point for me, How blind I had been! Location is no limiter of luck or destiny, only your mind set is. If we believe that any good thing can happen to us at any place or time, it will. We can all have the life or the love we desire ANYWHERE. We don't have to sit around at home, praying and wishing for luck to arrive or for our life to be different. We are all where we are for a reason. The universe wants us to be happy and actually surrounds us with everything we need. We just don't see it - therefore it cannot manifest. Every minute of our day, every place we are, is full of incredible life-changing potential. At any given moment, true love, abundance, a stroke of luck, or an incredible opportunity could walk up to us and shake our hand.

    My thinking has now shifted 360 degrees. It all in fact seems pretty obvious now. But do try it! I think we may all 'turn off' to the places and situations we are used to being in. We dream of going 'somewhere' where more opportunities and real life await. The usual becomes boring and limited. We learn to live in grey and forget about colour. We forget that adventures can happen anywhere and at anytime. We stop believing - as we did as children - that magic and miracles are all around us and are not restricted to other people, other times or other places.

    Our time has not passed, it will never pass, nor has life passed us by - it is NOW! Expect great things to occur out of ordinary life. See the infinite possibility of your existence.

    Watch this space for amazing events to unfold now that my mind has expanded...woohoo!

    I see! I see! I get it now...finally.

  • Hi Captain

    Haven't spoken with you for a couple of years. Been busy with other things and just didn't take the time to get on site. So glad to see how HAPPY you seem to be after looking at life from a different view, i guess you would say. Made me feel a little better myself. Just wanted to drop you a line and say hello. BLESSINGS to you.

  • Yes, Witchywomen, I am really seeing clearly how much we limit ourselves and keep luck from coming to us by that "grass is always greener somewhere else" kind of garbage philosophy.

    A great life can happen to you anywhere you are. No need to wait for it!

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