Would really appreciate a reading

  • I would like a reading guiding me to my next parties job. Right now I work 20 hrs taking care if an elderly woman if become almost family with. I work under the table with her. But I need a 2nd job over the table. I have run out of luck with homecare. They never offer clients to fill the availability I have left. I need my Medicaid right now cause Full time minimum wage won't make me enough 4the medical care I need and student loans I will need to pay. I'm hoping when my fiance and I get married and he gets union job with good health insurance then I will be able to get into the veterinary technician field I went to school for. Which won't pay alot. Anyhow, will I have luck in your homecare? Where will my next part time job be at? How will I find it? When? It's been a year and my fiance and my self included is frustrated

  • Your energy is off and pushing things away. Anxiety and worry are counterproductive so you need to do your best to not let your fears take over. You say the veterinary technician job won't pay much, but if you aren't getting the work you need in home care, then wouldn't it be paying you more than what you are making now? Can you get the vet tech job and keep your one client/friend on the side under the table? I'm just getting that you need to take positive steps forward and also getting a lot about "wisdom" and education...

  • Yes I want to get into my field hopefully when my fiance and I get married next year and he looking to get a new job with full health insurance. If I make too much I will lose Medicaid and then have to pay for insurance plus out of pocket health expenses plus have to pay on student loans. I did the math and it will leave me less money then what I would make at McDonald's! I literally cant afford to make good money! No minimum wage job calls me back because I don't have open availability.

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