Leo man and Gemini Woman

  • Hi!

    I was wondering if anyone out here can clue me in on what the future might hold for me and this new guy I met.

    Boy: August 7, 1981

    Sun: Leo

    Moon: Scorpio

    Ascendant Scorpio

    Venus: Virgo

    Mars: Cancer

    Girl: May 25, 1982

    Sun: Gemini

    Moon: Cancer

    Ascendant: Taurus

    Venus: Aries

    Mars: Libra

    thank you 🙂

  • all gemini men are weird, stay away from them ,or you will only get hurt.

  • tracer

    the man is leo

  • Trace,

    Why do you say they are weird? I have reunited with my gemini guy after 30 some years and there's still very strong connection there. And then there has been silence for about 2 weeks- maybe busy, could be sick, could be in trouble? The last time I heard from him he was sweet and amorous.

  • here is what I compile

    Sun - Mercury

    Positive aspect: Good understanding between the two persons and intellectual interests in common, the same type of curiosity. They are made to go well together, to appreciate each other.

    Mercury - Venus

    Negative aspect: Their relationship will sometimes be agreeable, sometimes disturbed. They will like to share their ideas which are not always to the other's taste, so that they may have interminable discussions in order to convince each other of their mistakes, lack of judgement or lack of taste.

    Sun - Saturn

    Positive aspect: Here is a couple you can call stable. They will lead their life together quietly, with friendship slowly replacing love. Saturn will dominate the Sun - as is only natural - but the Sun might find this difficult to accept. In any case, as the Sun likes to feel secure, Saturn is a perfect partner.

    Sun - Jupiter

    Positive aspect: Here is a couple you like to be with. They are charming, agreeable and know how to entertain their friends generously and warmly. They go well together, and love each other in a discrete and sincere way, and appreciate the joys of life together.

    Mars - Saturn

    Negative aspect: It is impossible for such a union to happen but, if it does, it will be unbearable.

    Mars - Saturn

    Positive aspect: A life together without any problems, love will develop into friendship, they will understand each other and go well together.

    An indication that they will both be faithful.

    Venus - Neptune

    Positive aspect: Favorable union, they have the same artistic tastes in common, their life will sometimes be full of fantasy.

    Venus - Pluto

    Negative aspect: A very strong passion but destructive, to be avoided if at all possible.

    More positives than negatives. Seems like it has the chance to last. Try not to analyze his every move and idea. just go with it and if you can, inject some fun into it. this includes the bedroom.

    I got something for you to read:

    The man cannot be made to admit that he is possibly wrong on any issue; but the woman is equally positive in her stance, especially as regards the meaning and purpose of life. Each will try to impose his own views on the other while refusing to budge an inch himself. She will resort to ferocious criticisms, as is her wont, whereas he may give in to his sadistic tendencies in a variety of ways. The woman's concept of love is based on purity and integrity. This will conflict with the man's propensity for sexual deviations. But what can be a more serious danger will be their fierce jealousy and possessiveness: Any faux pas on the part of one or the other could irremediably drive them apart.

    Your sense of responsibility is well developed, try bring more creativity and fun into your love life to balance it. in you, he will find his match in terms of competition and ambition for career. both of you can profit from others' weakness. this is good if you are business partners, but the competition can turn unhealthy for love life as this leo values ultimate winning, losing or equality is not in his dictionary so he will do what is necessary to win. if he can't win money/career wise, he will try win it somewhere else. you will have a hard time to cope up with this, for you have the ability to separate career/money from love/family life. he can only love those he is proud of. if he is not proud of them, he won't hate them but he certainly will not be affectionate. his passion is sincere but he can confuse love and lust, while you know these two are different and so understand the concept of loyalty. you have patience, which is necessary when relating to this Leo. it also helps that you are practical and not as much into emotion as he is. The Leo native loves with the heart first, while Gemini loves with the mind. Both are naturally attracted to glamor, flattery and good fellowship but in order to achieve longevity, the Leo partner will have to understand that Gemini will not always be around to provide the attention upon which Leo thrives. In addition, the Gemini partner will need to understand that the desire to run the world is part and parcel of the Leo make-up.

    Hope some things make sense here. is there a certain problem you need to know? I may know some things about your Leo.

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