Planetary Overview and Forecast for November 3, 2016

  • The emotional moon is applying both Venus and Saturn in adventurous Sagittarius today, which will likely influence, for you, either a responsibility being more rewarding than usual or an obligation playing itself out with more ease than originally considered, offering a new perspective or even a new friend.

    Mercury is now four degrees ahead of the sun in Scorpio: allow for another day before receiving an answer, an update, an approval or otherwise accommodation for something to move forward.

    Something, indeed, is in the air today.. but you must wait.

    And Mars is still trying to arm wrestle Uranus, which, you may have already learned, is not much worth your time unless you've done your homework or paid your dues. Rebelling now, especially against responsibilities or obligations, is not in your best interest.

    Try to stay patient.

    Source: Astro Events

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