Desperate!! is there a future?? reading pleasse?!?!

  • hey i have a lot on my mind right now and have been going through a lot for quite some time. there are a lot of family issues going on right now not just with my family but also my boyfriends family ( which i consider mine also) my boyfriend got sent off back in july over some mistakes he made a few yrs ago that he is paying for now. he gets out in november(hoping) but since hes been there he gets no visitation or phone calls only letters. i am so in love with him its hard to be without him like that..i cant see his face or hear his voice..everyday i run to the mailbox in hope for another letter. when he gets to come home he will be on 15 yrs paper. meaning he cant get into any trouble what so ever no ticket or seatbelt violation or anything for 15 yrs or he is going to prison because he is a first offender..i guess im just needing some clarity that everything will be ok because weve had some really ruff breaks together and just throughout our lives and his family is going through a lot right now..his mom..and also my mom..i am so scared that something is going to happen to my mom because of some things in the past and i have made myself a nervous wreck worrying over everyone and everything that going on and hoping and believing evertthing will be ok..i am wondering also if i am pregnant..some bad luck in that department before and i really want to be pregnant or atleast if not now then become pregnant when he gets out..if i am pregnant i will be around 10 weeks exactly the night before he got sent also afraid i cant have babies because of things in the past..ok lets face it im just a nervous wreck!! can anyone help me?? and bring any sort of clarity? a reading?? i am desperate!!

  • my birthday is 1-7-89 my boyfriends is 4-17-89 my moms is 5-20-70

  • Well. You think too much. Learn to stop your mind working all the time. Learn to relax your mind. Study ancient wisdom or think about something else that teaches you how to gain clarity, how to feel taken care of by an invisible creator who loves us all. I just see that you think too much. So I you feel like a "nervous wreck", that must be what you mean.

    What you need is NOT to become assured with that all of those things you are worrying about will not happen. But you need to learn how to relax your mind, how to feel protected and safe and taken care of by an invisible force that is within and surrounds us all.

    I can almost even be as blunt as saying this: So what if this and that happens. The problem is that you worry. Stop worrying. And I understand if you dont thank me for that advice. You perhaps even dont believe that it is possible. I promice you now: It is possible. You must accept that there are things all the time that you can not control. Learn how to stay close to your own center while your thoughts are flying everywhere inside of you. As they say: You can let the birds fly over your head, but dont let them build a nest on it.

  • See if this person can give you a reading, she has offered readings to everyone:

    Also KarmaCorma has offered to give readings. I myself dont give readings for others, firstly because i dont have any cards, secondly because I always get messages to myself when I am using tarot (on the internet) to help others. So it does not help. But I can help with my intuition.

    And my main message to you is a bit brutal: Learn how to relax your mind and accept what you can not control. Learn how to stay relaxed when things out of your control is happening. The non-action move is always the best when we are experiencing many things that we can not control.

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