Have I pushed this man away?

  • Would someone please tell me what is happening with this man? He is a love interest and his name is David W. I think I may have inadvertently pushed him away by not communicating my level of interest very clearly. There was also a misunderstanding: I made a joke which didn’t translate well via text. He may have been put off. I’m not sure what to do, as I don’t want to chase him now, either. Is he still interested in me, or is it too late?

    Thank you,


  • I feel his interest is somewhere else at the moment, could be in his work or family. I don't feel you did anything to upset him.

  • Thank you so much, Captain. That is most helpful. He is very family oriented (which is one of the things I like about him) and his work is demanding. Do you feel he will get back in touch once things have settled?

    This time apart has also been good for me – I’d go so far as to say it’s a gift from the Universe – offering me an opportunity for self-reflection and growth, enabling me to be more open to expressing my authentic self (regardless of whether it is with him or not).

  • Well, I wouldn't advise you to do the pursuing - let him come back to you.

  • Thank you. I'm not at all inclined to pursue. (By "expressing my authentic self" I simply meant not being so guarded in my behaviour.)

    Is your advice based on your insights as a psychic or as a woman?

  • My intuition.

  • Thank you. Do you have an idea of the time frame, please? I am busy getting on with my life, but still, it would be nice to know.

  • This man will set the time frame and he is not thinking about the relationship at the moment.

  • My main purpose now should be, and is, to reconnect with my feminine energy, which has been neglected for so long. I’ll leave some space for him, then, for when he is ready. Thank you.