Virgo man playing or what?

  • I'm a libra/Scorpio female working with a Virgo male. He's ten years younger than me. Since he's started working HES been flirting with me and gave me his number. We barely talk. He's called maybe twice. I don't chase men so I'm waiting for him to make the moves since he's states he's interested in me. He's out of town for the company and today I reached out to say hi and he replied and said he missed me. I always call him a flirt. Just wants attention. His actions aren't lining up. So I don't say anything and it seems when I ignore him he does things to get my attention. I don't play games. I'm 52 and he's 43. I told him I want to get married and he says he does too. I'm just taking things slow. He's at a very slow snails pace. I've been hurt so bad all I feel is rejection. I'm not sure what to do. Even at my age. I have no patience for games if that's what this is, which is why I ignore him. He's very ambitious, hardworking and takes care of his children alone. I need some advice. I kinda want to keep my head in the sand. He's a handsome man but I just don't have the energy for games. Help please.

  • I am feeling he wants sex and 'mothering' without a commitment.

  • ***** = sex*

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