TarotNick.. an insight please..

  • I m still in talking terms with my ex.. he broke up a month ago.. and we started talking after a gap of a month.. he called after a month.. we talked normally for 15 minutes 2 days ago..

    He talks to me very politely. I still have love him alot.. and wish if I could understand whether he loves or not..

    Can u please see if this is going anywhere in future? Or does he still feel for me.? Or has he someone else in his life..

    I would really appreciate it..

    Thanks alot in advance..

  • Rachh,

    This is what I picked up,

    someone looking for a fight, I get the feeling of look at me, but the fighting turns disruptive

    your heart is sad...you feel like things are suspended

    There is a need for social approval, a reassurance that the right route is being taken

    There are obstacles to overcome, and you will but it will come with a cost of emotions

    Be bold on what you want to do, think it out and plan so you know what you want and then go do it

    something you are going to do will take skill and a sense of pride I feel,

    things get a little easier after your struggles

    Time will bring healing, so just use courage to get through the tougher part

    the other swing I felt on this one, someone is trying to lie, to get things there way...just be aware and you can plan for it

    take one thing at a time...you put too many balls in the air some will fall so you have to concentrate

    last card is sitting by itself, something different...a different guy, he has these ideas but doesn't know what to do with them...so he waits

  • Thanks alot TarotNick...

    But a question? There is no mention about my ex?

    Does it mean that this isn't going anywhere but a broken heart?

  • Rachh,

    I think there are two lines directed at him, I don' believe it is the last line. Read it a few times it should pop out.

    There was a positive feel in the reading too, you will take pride in what you do... it was I can do this and I'm good at it feel. If there is negative feeling around, don't let that rule everything.


  • Umm.. Idk bc since last 3 days he is acting that he is concerned about meeting me but he is actually not doing it.. so that has made me feel negative .. and I was thinking of this that I will call him anyway everyday just to keep a check on him but then again the way he talked today made me feel bad by saying that one should not have this cool temperament and it shut all my thoughts about good motives..

    And I started thinking how to show him that I too love going out and doing things the way he does. Bcz we could never share those days togthr.. THAT MAY BE THE THING THAT NEED SKILL, because I m really not good at sharing things..

    And since the time I have seen him commenting one of his best friends comment that you r my all time love made me feel real bad...

    I think yes I need to optimistic.. and just pray that things get better with time..

    I m not abke to hold these emotions..

    Thanks alot.. 🙂

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