• Standing Tall, have you gone off your meds? I say that only half jokingly. Your posts have escalated from judgmental to abusive. You need to dial it way back down and reel it in sweetheart. Posting vicious remarks is really no better than the spam.

  • I am VERY sorry. ..I can be rather bellicose, and pugnacious at times.

    I just have a very low tolerance for spammers.

    I agree: I do need to be more patient with others.

    Thank You Watergirl.

  • Well then being in a public forum with all the world is not a good place for you. I am sad to see you attack people w broken hearts and when they are emotional already.

  • Znl: It was never my intention to belittle any of the GENUINE requests!

    Again, as you have seen for yourself ; the spammers have taken over this Forum.

    Again, I PERSONALLY am sorry for reacting too harshly .

  • Not trying to belittle you, Standing Tall. Just wanted to point out that you had gone off the rails and were unintentionally hurting people. We all hate the spam, but maybe you aren't the best judge of what is and is not spam and should leave it to others. The last two posts you made were not responses to spam but to people who were genuinely hurting and asking for help. Apologize to them, not me. Once again, not trying to crush your spirit - just learn from it and move on.

  • YES, I agree

    I Thank YOU!

  • And then, I just read what you had written to Captain on her "The OA" thread. LOL - LOL

  • Znl: That particular post was presented during the time when this Forum was being inundated with SPAM!!!!!

    Apparently. were not" around " this particular time.

    I misread The Captain's intentions. I assumed that her particular post was to usurp the Spammers.

    Therefore, I decided to" follow" THE lead .

    Again, please EXCUSE my pugnacious behavior; as I have stated before.. .. I have a VERY low tolerance for stupidity! !

    I do not know about you; BUT, I take this Forum SERIOUSLY; THEREFORE, I take the individuals, who and whom post personally; and personal ASPECTS of their lives.. (which by the is out in public) with high regard! !

    Good Morning.

  • Girls, we are together here for the same purpose, to support, heal, give and get help and we are all against spam! It's so good we have met here and are part of this community... a smile from me to all of you and i ask for the same back.;) Let's have a good day.:)

  • Standingtall, Seems like you misunderstood my post which was done in a light hearted spirit and not in criticism hence "lol".

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