Help with Reading

  • I did a generalized reading for myself. Just asking a general idea of what's going on with me. I'm trying to understand the cards but I'm new at this and this one has me overwhelmed.

    Could anyone offer some insight?

    Cards were like this:

    1. You: The Hermit

    2. The oracle: Queen of Wands

    3. The oracle: Knight of Cups

    4. The oracle: 9 of Swords

    5. The Signifier: Queen of Swords

    6. Recent Past: Knight of Swords

    7. Present: King of Wands

    8. Immediate Future: Knight of Pentacles

    9. Year to Come: King for Pentacles

    So it just seems a little crazy with all those Queens, kings and knights...

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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