Love reading with an ex

  • I've gotten back in contact with an ex of mine and we have been spending a lot of time together lately. We act like a couple and pretty much do all the things couples do together and she always wants to spend time with me. Can you sense if she will become interested in being in an actual relationship (exclusive)?

  • What is the ex's birthdate?

  • september 29, 1993

  • This relationship can be both competitive and adversarial, yet it does not necessarily have to involve animosity and can be quite a friendly one in fact. Your ex has the drive and critical intensity and you have the charm and deep insight, to make you worthy opponents. Usually, an interesting mix of ease and demand is operative in your love affair. At times, you two are content to loll and laze, but at other times, you can imbue the relationship with the fury of a hurricane. Such unpredictable swings of mood will have to be evened out if a modicum of psychological stability is to be achieved and an enduring relationship to be created. In both love and marriage, competition for the attention of mutual friends may temporarily drive the two of you apart.

    You Jackie, are drawn to people with an adventurous streak and an inquisitive mind just like yourself; but you also want someone with whom you can build a secure and welcoming home. You can be extremely loving and giving as well as charming, and need to make sure you make strong rather than superficial connections with other people.

    Your ex is exciting and interesting but their need to constantly challenge, question and shine can cause great tension in personal relationships. However, as they are also passionate and romantic, loving heartfelt gestures such as flowers, hearts and poems, their partner will tend to forgive them. Because their life tends to be unpredictable, they thrive best with a partner who can offer them stability and security.

    Though you are alike in many ways, I don't see you as able to give each other what you really need or balance each other out as you would with someone very different. Frankly, I don't see this going anywhere unless the inherent obstacles and issues (that are still there from last time) can be overcome.

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