Just wondering what card represents a widower?

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    Had a reading card recently & some of the results included " you will meet a widower" Wondering what card represents a widower. FYI I'm a widow. What card represents a widow?

  • on psychic-mystic.com they say that the Queen of Swords may represent a widow. And these interpretations were based off of the Rider Waite Tarot. Sometimes, maybe you can think of the Hermit as a widow too. A woman who has secluded herself and began to focus on her spirituality, perhaps due to the loss of a loved one (including a husband). That's just a theory though.

  • Hi Universalharmony,

    Thanks for your thoughts. Its interesting to think about the Hermit as representing a widow. I have often had that card show up in readings I do for myself. I interpreted it as sign to be patient & wait for better times to come. Incidently during the past 2 months I have felt the need to deepen my spirituality & advance my healing abilities. I now feel more at peace with my "new life" & myself-which seems to have had a very positive effect on my healing abilities. Could the Hermit also represent a widower? Its interesting that the Queen of Swords does describe a woman as possibly being widowed but I haven't seen a similar card for a man.

    the more I think I understand Tarot cards the more I realize I have to learn

    Love & laughter to you!

  • Hello Amused59,

    I think that the Hermit can represent the things that you said. Patience, perserverance, working towards a spiritual or inner goal. I think that her appearance can point to all of the things you said but since you are a widow it may be pointing to that as a starting point for your spiritual enlightenment, something that gave you a nudge to want to go deeper. So in short, I think yes in your personal readings it can represent a widow because it is being used to represent you. As for a widower, I guess, I don't think the meaning and teachings of the card are gender inclusive. I know you will do great in reaching the goals you have set for yourself. Take care.

    Universal Harmony

  • Universal Harmony

    Thank you for your support. I wish you well in your journey


  • It is my pleasure Amused59. Thank you for the positive energy and I wish you the same.

    Universal Harmony

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