• headincloud.. i think you missed my post....

  • Hi Hll I missed your post sorry, Justice-past temperance-present priestess-future.

    Very much in your head over the next three months, coming through a period of logical assessment and moderation in all things as a result, you're likely the intellectual and will be spending a great deal of time alone absorbed in book learning and esoteric matters - You're on your true path and bang on track for happiness and success.

  • Hi Jackie103, Emperor-past tower- present death-future. clarifier-star

    Not sure if you've been pursuing a new job and more structure in your daily life and more discipline. There's disruption around you currently as old habits and patterns fall away in death, great changes on the horizon in the star and healing from past hurts and self beliefs that were untrue.

  • Good Morning! !!

    Do you see me getting married in the next two years? ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi tarot lover I pulled the chariot, priestess, empress.

    There's been an uphill struggle you've not given way to and progress is a key word. Your spread relates to inner or self (priestess) nurture and self love and there's a love of psychology and all things mystical. You may be happy to be left alone over the next 3mts as you cultivate self worth and understanding, and home and nice comfortable surrounding will be important to you. Compassion may be a strong quality.

  • Hi fire soul - you-chariot Tim-death future-strength.

    You are unsuited to casual relationships with the chariot and strength is unlikely to denote a casual relationship or brief affair. If you're hoping for a relationship expect a creative one to evolve and If you're in a long term relationship with this person there may be or have been a struggle or tension between you which has shown you both where the relationship was unsatisfactory and can be seen as a positive. No longer locked into opposing positions you can enjoy the new found peace. whatever the progression of this union compromise is the name of the game.

    Tim as death denotes someone who will change your attitudes to sexual love forever and along with strength this is likely to be a very arduous passionate coupling. Best of luck.

  • Hi standing tall, I pulled the fool and hermit need I say any more! seems likely not but you'll encounter a new fun filled exciting start possibly travel too.

  • hi thanks for the reading. its very accurate. i feel like Im in a transition time and my thoughts is everywhere. May I ask you another question? Do you see if I have any new love interest in the next couple months?

  • thank you for the reading /your time!

    what you said about me is true, i don't like short term relationships, i prefer very long term relationships.

    We both have been going through a lot of issues / silly arguments in the past and currently.

    We are both not talking to each other at the moment / separated. [this has happen before].

    May i ask? Do you see him coming back into my life again?

  • Very Interesting! ! The. Fool AND. the Hermit.

    Hmmmm. ......Could you please tell me HOW I will have the Money to travel and excitement?

    I am so, struggling financial right now.

    Money coming my VERY soon will be a blessing!


  • Thanks headincloud! accurate reading. glad to hear that i will eventually heal from past hurts. thanks again!

  • Hi hll thanks, pulled strength/death/hermit.

    I doubt it here but who knows for sure, you're still in a transitional stage of healing with death, and the hermit is where we go to experience that. With strength showing up it can indicate a shattered dream, a setback etc and the after effects may be lingering, if so the need is to tie up loose ends and energetic ties to enable you to move on and attract what you want.

  • You're welcome firesoul, thanks. Yes, the struggles are merely a positive way of releasing the tension that's built up in the relationship and will show you where the relationship is unsatisfactory but through this will develop a new found peace once self honesty and compromise is a 2way street.

  • hi standing tall I'll explain the way I read the cards but it doesn't mean to say it's correct...Major influence is the fool being the 1st card out rep past so those influences apply to you and are promised. In the present position the hermit tells us the fool isn't fully manifested yet but will develop through withdrawal, solitude and contemplation, so wisdom and self knowledge will set you on the right path, the need to mentally map a direction.

    As for timings in tarot I'm at a loss sorry.

    This is a time of getting to grips with demons and temptations that keep tripping you up and the journey referenced is metaphorical prior to the literal manifestation in the outer world. Nothing stays the same forever and the fool promises to overcome current limitations in time.

  • Thanks! I really appreciate your insight on the cards.

  • Thanks headincloud.

  • Hi alebrnz I don't know how to answer your question sorry but the way forward is - justice - that's to say applying the qualities and traits of the card will lead you as the crow flies to your goal, timings wise I've no clue. Good luck with that!

  • Sunshine I'm useless on names and not sure who she was sorry, think I'm getting the name Paul around you and the message is he loves you and he's proud, he's impressing me with angel wings so he's a protective influence from the maternal side, a slight, unshaven older gent unless my wires are crossed.

    There's also a little girl with shoulder length straight blonde hair and full fringe around 8 paternal side passed tragically possible RTAccident. Coming through with a golden lab dog and a broken/slinged left arm?

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