• Would anyone like a reading?

  • Sure, what messages do my guides and the Angels have for me in general?

    Thank you very much.

  • Yes, and thanks! My Exboyfriend has been having health problems. Last I heard he was in the hospital a couple of months ago. I do not know if he died or if he is alive. I have NOT heard anything.

    Could you tell me if he is alive? If yes, will he get better?

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  • very interested. would appreciate a general reading for the next couple months. thanks!

  • Hi sunshine thanks for the reply. There's a feather being offered to you and a message of well done or congratulations relating to Easter chicks so either Spring time or new life in the family? paternal grandmother (Barbera?) conveys cool down, you may have hit an impasse or crossroads and are bottling up feelings. There's happiness and reward ahead for you and a stamp of approval along with a message of love.

  • Hi standing tall, please don't take this as definite but I don't believe he's with us any longer due to the death card backed by the pendulum, very sorry if so.

  • Hi dmic59 thanks for the reply.

    November you're in a tight spot but you'll squeeze through with effort, a new panorama on the horizon for you as you rise through it. 2 birthday celebrations coming up to be acknowledged.

    Frankness is being called for in a situation, 'no more the fool who waits around' is being impressed and in some way you're sabotaging your own happiness.

    There's a retreat either actual or metaphorical away from a person or situation and a sense that all you've given out is finally coming back to you and that's a good thing.

    A strongly family orientated Christmas up ahead, best wishes.

  • Hi headincloud. I would love to have a reading if possible. No hurry. I would like to know if there is any future for me as a writer. Or would I find more fullfiment pursuing another career path? Thank you!

  • headincloud,

    Thanks for the reading. My paternal grandmother's name was Ocey, but my ex-husband's paternal grandmother, whom I was very close to was named Elizabeth, but everyone called her Billie. Do you think it was one of them?

    I am having some difficulties and wondering if the impasse is related to me thinking about whether I should move away from here and back to my family down south. I will think more on all of this. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

  • Thank You. I will surely miss him.

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  • Hi Headincloud,

    Your name is cute 🙂

    May I have insight on what lies ahead for the next 3 months?

    Been having a tough time this year, with no clarity, and am at my wits end.

  • Hi Headincloud, could I also get a reading? Maybe more of a general reading and some insight on the near future?

    Thank you!

  • 🙂

  • BUMPER! !!

  • I could really use a reading if you don't mind

  • thanks for the reading offers. If you still offering a reading, I would like one about me and TIm.

    What's going to happen between us?

  • Hi, As for a future in writing I pulled the tower card for you along with the empress hence this is likely to be a venture that will excite you but needs to be cultivated long term, your work will be profound and powerful.

  • Hi danceur sorry to hear that. Next 3 mts pulled strength/temperance/lovers rx for past present and future so as you say things have been tough but through strength you have applied a temperate attitude and moderation in your behaviour and affairs which appears to be ushering in an end to a troubled and troubling relationship. Best wishes.