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  • Hello all, I hope everyone is fine. I am 23 years old and I have realized that I don’t have any interest in boys. My friends always tease me and I am totally depressed being single. I have a friend and I love her very much. But she doesn't show any interest in me. I get nervous if I don’t see her even for a day and when she talks with other girls. While surfing online for some tips I came across a lesbian dating service( ) and their service included some counseling programs too. Is there any other suggestions other than getting these dating services. Please help me out of this dilemma. Thanks in advance.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Please see some psych doctor and in the mean time go w the flow.

  • If you are interested in women than thats your sexual orientation. You need to find like people with your orientation.

  • Please work on accepting your sexual orientation, and don't worry about what others think. Seek counselling too, so that you can realise you are not a freak. This is about self-acceptance first, before you go out into the dating game. If you don't accept your orientation first, you will be disappointed, confused and very frustrated, which may lead to you turning in on yourself.

    THAT SAID, if this is a genuine enquiry for help by Tarot or psychic means, I need to ask why you have posted up a link to a dating service? I gather you're using it yourself? Otherwise, this speaks to me of trolling and trying to sell a service.

    This is a Tarot/Psychic Site, not a buy, swap and sell. So please, if this is an effort to bring people to that dating site via the link, feel free to post somewhere else!

  • What do you think , would it be a good idea for me to reassure my friend who broke up with his couple? He is so broken after the break-up. The worst part is that he doesn't know why is it happened with him. He is so sad, doesn't speak with anybody... It is difficult to see him in this condition.

    I want him back to normal life so I'm thinking to arrange him a date. I guess I can help him to find his love. Hope that everything will be fine.

    I have seen a matchmaking website . Has anyone tried this agency ?

    Would it be a good idea for me to contact with them? How else can I help my friend?

  • Contact the agency by all means, but don't use this site to peddle it.

  • Try to contact the agency.

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