• Yet another question:

    With a move back to my hometown coming up, I'm wondering if anyone can see what I'll do for money there. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get work in my old job, so because jobs are thin on the ground there - as they turned out to be here - I'm wondering if anyone can see what will come up for me.

    Thanks in advance, as usual lol!

  • I feel you should be doing psychic readings and also growing and selling your own medicinal herbs.

  • Funny you should say that Captain. I had been thinking that now is the time for me to do that, out of my house actually. There is enough rooms, both small and large in it, to allow me to do that.

    As for the herb garden, I like the sound of that actually. I have plenty of aloe vera also, so that will sell very well indeed I'd say.

    Thanks again, as always! MWAH xoxoxox

  • Apparent;y, the experts say Australia has the exact right (hot and dry) conditions for herb growing, yet we import almost 90% of our herbs.

  • Why doesn't that surprise me? We export everything else!

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