GOING HOME: Thank you Captain and Watergirl

  • After all the doubt, the questions I have asked on here, and the wonderful support I have received in answer to my questions, my partner and I are going back to where we moved from.

    Friends, I am going home. Home to the best friends I ever had. Home to a land that hooked itself around my heart and has never let go.

    After much thought, arguments between me and my partner, we decided that going back is the right thing to do.

    I had convinced myself that making a further go of it, not giving up, was the right way to go. But after this decision, I feel light, I feel happy and I feel excited at the new life we can make for ourselves back here, with new attitudes.

    So, thank you everyone for your support, your help, your kind comments and your generosity.

    I know this is the right decision, because we've already found a place to rent and I've been doing jigs, jumps, been joyful, felt so peaceful and happy at heart! For the second time in my life, I have followed my heart/gut and it has paid me back ten fold.

    I'M GOING HOME!! I can't wait 🙂


  • To make a decision is the most difficult thing to do... all the rest from now on should be easier...;)

    All the best Moon for this new phase of your life and thank YOU for everything you've done for us here... 🙂 Take care!:)

  • Thank you Moonalisa. Have I been remiss in not thanking you, too? I hope not! Ah, it was a hard one, because I wasn't listening to my heart over this decision, but when my partner suggested we should go back, I went away and thought about it. And woke up this morning feeling like it was a very positive thing to do.

    As I may have said to you, I laid down the gauntlet, and decided not to fight what was becoming a losing battle. The battle was a lost one, because I missed my women friends so much; so much it was a pain in my heart.

    So I listened. And agreed with my partner that it was the right thing to do.

    On to a new life in an old chapter, but with new attitudes. That's the way to do it! Otherwise, my advice would be to anyone stuck with a similar choice: DON'T DO IT.

    Sometimes, the "new" has to come from within your own self.

    You take care too! I will be kicking around for a while yet, because we won't move until late April/early May 🙂

  • Hello dear Moonie, I remember when you used to live there and write about your farm house home etc. You are sounding very happy. Now, this time it is going to be in familiar territory/ places and friends and such. Sounds like a good move all around. xxoo

  • I think so too znl. It's a small country town, but I love the place and miss so much about it, as well as my friends. I've loved it here too though; we haven't always been unhappy, but the struggle for money and our job situation/s has really rammed the point home: we don't belong here.

  • Moon-Pie,

    So happy you have found clarity 🙂 What a difference a few weeks can make, huh? Have you ever done chakra balancing or reiki or something of the sort? You will definitely be serving your fellow man in some way....some type of healing modality.,.you will meet someone that will get you headed in this direction or will be of some assistance to you.



  • My head is still reeling watergirl! And the reaction from my friends has told me it's definitely the right thing to do.

    Now we have to face doing this move on our own with little money. A challenge, but I'm sure we'll meet it! We don't have a choice really.

    We already have found a house, which is a further message that we're meant to go back, and I need to talk to my old boss there about getting some casual work.

    That's interesting about the reiki! I never thought that would be in my sphere. I have sometimes laid hands on people, but thought I was losing my marbles lol! They were appreciative though, even though I thought it was weird 🙂

  • How synchronistic, I just posted on another thread about a passage I wrote down about a year ago. Your comments are right in line with it...

    "When the same door closes, time and time again, it's time to take notice. If something you have been chasing consistently eludes you, and your efforts to achieve it leave you feeling limited, impoverished and conflicted, walk away now. Let go.

    Sometimes tenacity and determination can break through walls and lead to success; but sometimes doors, walls and borders remain resolutely impenetrable for a reason. Look for open doors today and notice how easily the right ones will swing wide open for you."


  • Hmm, that's really interesting! I mean, we both started off with jobs here, but slowly things started to unravel. And it's got worse instead of better.

    The only blight on my horizon at the moment, is that, after talking with my old boss this morning, I don't know if I'll luck in with anything at my old place of work. I'm not too worried about that, but I was only after what they call "walk in casual" work until I could find my feet. I wasn't wanting to burst back in there all guns blazing under the old circumstances that existed then, because I know all too well why I was getting tired of working there.

    There aren't many jobs there either, but ... I keep feeling there's something else that may come up for me if not my old job.

    Will just have to see what door/s open in that respect also I suppose!

    Thanks Watergirl 🙂

  • I wish you luck Moon! The universe has a weird way of working things out, so I'm sure something will come around for you! Maybe try getting a tarot reading to help you~

    Blessed be!

  • Thanks Cinnamon!

  • You're very welcome! 🙂

  • Dear moonie, how is it going with your move and such. A move is stressful and then to settle and look for your jobs and such. It will be soon behind you. Xx

  • Well, because I'm a woman and a chronic over-thinker, I'm stressed to the max and can't wait until it's all behind me! Thanks for your concern too znl 🙂

    We have taken a couple of trailer loads to the new place, and plan to do more. This is the way we're doing the move rather than hiring a truck. My partner is like a possessed man when things like this come up. He moves mountains (and fridges lol) while i watch in stunned silence and carry on packing boxes, cleaning out cupboards and helping with the odd item where I can (bad back and I ain't getting any younger haha).

    The new place is slowly taking shape with the owner fixing the 3km long driveway for us, and tending to a leaking pump which powers the water to the house.

    The house we're currently in, seems to be glad to see the back of us I think. We've looked after it, but the electrical circuits are constantly overloading, causing the power to go out repeatedly. The owner of this place is not too quick to fix things or do proper maintenance on our cottage, or the other thirteen on the property. We've lived with dirty, stinking water for nearly a year here and he won't fix that. We've also tolerated a feral cat problem, as well as a flea infestation which happens in the warmer months. He refuses to deal with those issues too. Not to mention two driveways which are very rough, full of potholes and both about 2km long, and he refuses to fix those either.

    I get so angry at landlords who simply want the rent each week, but won't do anything to maintain their investment/s and expect tenants to suffer in silence. I feel like reporting him to the Rental Bond Board frankly!

    Anyhoo, it'll be a happy day, the day we drive out for the last time. I hope the owner eventually does the right thing here. We've already lodged a complaint to the real estate about the above issues, so we'll see ...

  • So how are things with you these days? Sorry for the mini novel above lol!

  • Hi moonie, (insert frustrated face after writing you a whole reply of a novel and then it was lost after clicking submit.)

    In short, I was hoping the whole move is behind you by now and that you will be at your new place very soon and until then if you have a moment just visualize you or meditate(if one can 🙂 ) sipping on a glass of something nice and relaxing. In the mean time, come here as often as you like and share what you want. I am glad you reported the old landlord to the housing department, you saved the next renters. I am doing ok. I read the other threads and share the same frustrations regarding jobs, bosses and co-workers. It is as if this is a universal conspiracy. smh.

    Hang in there moonie and lots of courage to you for I know how difficult and frustrating moves are. Xxoo

  • Well, I'd written an email which listed the concerns we had about this house to the real estate, who in turn were going to tweak it here and there and present it to the owner as concerns ALL of the tenants have had here.

    Maybe something might get done which'd help the remaining tenants and any new ones who move in. One lady here says she hopes the owner gets "riff raff" in to the vacant cottages so he can see what it's like to have bad tenants.

    I had issues with the owner of the last house I'd lived in for seven years, and looked after like my own. He was awful! I was accused of living like a "pig" for heavens sake. We were in the middle of packing and moving, the house was a complete bomb site, and the carpet needed cleaning which I knew and had mentioned to his wife. My concern was that I wouldn't have time to get it cleaned before leaving, and I was offering to leave one of three items I'd paid to have installed in the house in lieu of doing the carpet. Oh no, he wasn't having any of that! So unreasonable and so wrong was he, I shut the door in his face and we took every one of those three items with us. Weirdly, we got our bond back, and I feel his wife had a word in his ear because I got the feeling even she thought he was being unreasonable. Oh well.

    So, we're both hoping this new owner will be fairer, and better to deal with. We've already offered to help him fix the place up considering the condition its currently in. In saying that, it is a great house and worth fixing up. Not to mention that I am a serial "improver" even though I'm renting. I don't care. Where a person lives is home and should be treated like that. Not the way I've seen rentals being treated by other tenants who don't care at all. It makes it hard for tenants like us who DO care.

    Anyway, time will tell.

    And you're right, it definitely is a time of what seems to be universal conspiracy lol! We're all having troubles in one way or another. If one considers basic numerology here, 2017 adds up to a 1 year. A time of new beginnings. Among all this chaos, I've noticed that the white roses are blooming brightly at the moment, with white being a colour of purity and newness 🙂

  • Dear moonie, so much going on there. I am sure your elevated sense of "fairness" or "sense of community" is not lost to people or to the universe. You have to be an idiot or the (blind landlord) to not see it :). Your "riff raff" reference made me laugh but somehow if he is one himself (but w some wealth) he may take a liking to them and or not notice it because they appeal to him! And he may even do things for them which could or may benefit others too. I hope very much that your new landlord appreciates you two. Hopefully he does as he is already fixing the road. I remember moving once and scrubbed and cleaned and yet the owner did not return the deposit bec he would not do that after a certain time but it was not what he told renters anyways. I still would have done all the cleaning necessary after a move but would not expect deposit money.

    On another note, that is very interesting about 2017. I hope the "one" means new beginning and not "start at the bottom" lol. Btw, I think your roses comment means you are smelling the roses along doing all these things. I think this is the best time to move before your winter starts and then it would be even more difficult and messy. hugs, breath and imagine being at your new place with your love and with your old friends and in the familiar surrounds. Xx

  • I've had my share of rotten landlords including my current one, the one before and one years ago. It really makes you feel like not bothering to look after the place you're in, but then, that'd go against our need to feel like it's home rather than simply a roof and place to sleep. All we can hope here is that these unscrupulous landlords either learn by karma or by simply waking up and seeing what they've been doing. Or not doing. Here, the owner has lost three tenants, including us, with another about to move out in winter. He really needs to sit and rethink his investment attitudes I think! And you may be right about him getting so called riff raff and getting on with them lol! Although I don't think so, because he had a tenant here before our time, who used to collect all sorts of items, including deer antlers. He had nowhere to store them due to lack of sheds, etc., and had put them along his fence. The owner's wife found that very unattractive indeed as she could see all this from her kitchen window. So the owner sent a couple of letters to this tenant asking him to remove these "unsightly" items, and when the tenant refused, he was evicted. So you can see what we've been dealing with here; a miserly owner with a stuck up wife lol!

    I'm hoping 2017 being a 1 year doesn't mean start at the bottom too haha. It's a worry for me, because I'm very aware we're doing this move at an impractical time and on a shoe string budget. We are starting again though, so maybe it means that. This time we'll be doing things differently. My partner is looking at this move as "moving home" where he'd never thought that about the place when he lived with me there.

    I simply wish to put roots back down where I had them before and begin a new life of appreciating what I had and not letting it go again. Even with those thoughts, I still don't see the move from there to here as being a mistake but rather, a learning curve. As that old saying goes: no fool like an old fool lol! I had a "family" there, didn't realise it and left it behind ...

  • That 1 year is for all of us that is what I meant w either jobs, relationships, moves and such. I too hope it is just a renewal and a new beginning. I think you are doing the right thing by not prolonging what you needed to do,and no reason to delay it any longer. It is always a good thing to make a big change and let universe know you are doing your share especially when things are not going well despite how much you try.

    Lol - on miserly husband and stuck up wife! You are almost there.. Hang in there 🙂 xxoo

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