Any new posts?

  • Are people not posting as much due to all the spam? I also believe that i picked up some adware virus because i clicked on an underlined word thinking it was a link. Why isnt anyone deleting the spam? This used to be one of my fave places 😞


  • I wondered the same! In years past, there were always quite a few new posts without replies, but these days, all I've seen are posts from trolls. It's pretty annoying!

    The trick is to go to the "Latest Discussions" and see what's happening there I think. I even put a post up offering readings for the first ten people because there were NO topics with no replies at all, apart from trolls!

    I also don't know why Admin doesn't delete the spam, but it may be a much bigger job to do that than we're aware of.

  • Ya that's pretty sad, you have to navigate through all the spam! 😞

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