I'd appreciate a new take on my tarot spread please! Still learning. Thank you!

  • Hi, Intrigued... I've read cards (regular and tarot) for around 40 years and I agree with the previous comments... It's important to know the spread you used or if you were asking the cards to show you what you need to be aware of in the coming day, week, etc., and pulled some cards til the number of cards felt right. I understand not sharing the question here, but in order for the best input from anyone else, it's helpful to know what category of question you were focusing on (love, career, etc.) or if you were asking for general guidance. The cards aren't static and have shades of meanings as well as being colored by the cards beside them.

    Having said that, the following is an excellent interpretation of the Death card, reversed, that I found on Biddy Tarot - I sense it might help you:

    Death - Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

    Reversed, Death indicates that we may in fact be refusing to change or creating large obstacles against any element of change that may arise. There is a sense of stagnation, of being stuck in a rut, of being unwilling to adapt to a new situation. Assess the way in which you are approaching change in the coming week. You may find that you are in fact halting the very change that will be too your benefit. You may fear the new, but rest assured the time is right to accept the new. Cleanse yourself and flush out the old. Get rid of those cobwebs!!

    Temporary, stagnation, death

    I'd be interested in knowing if the above makes sense to you and am wondering what choices you are in the midst of making - or if you are recognizing you have some choices to consider that you haven't recognized? Or if it's more a matter of procrastination...

  • Hello everybody , It is me who was having trouble with the death card reversed, i never asked the cards a question i would just draw five cards a week and study them as im still learning. When the death card came out in the reversed position three weeks in a row ,i was very concerned beause i didnt understand what it was trying to tell me ,As far as i can tell im not stagnating or resisting anything that i know of. I have now decided to take a break for a little while to clear my head , i really appreaciate everybodys help and advice thanks so much. Love & blessings to all Lilac xxx

  • Hello everybody, thank you so much for your reponse. It was very kind of you to stop by and help. 😄

  • Deatr Intriqued , I hope you dont mind that i responded to everyone on your thread ,sorry if ive imposed in anyway. Love & Blessings Lilac xxx

  • Lilacrose, no problem, it's open to all. 😄

  • This post is deleted!

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