How can i get taurus back.

  • I was talking online to this guy for a month. Everything going perfect he knew everythign to say and just be there for me. We got into an argument because I wasnt trusting of his actions and questioned him. He spoke with a friend who spoke to me and we worked it out. He was gone a couple days and had a friend reassure me where he was. Thing is he not ready for a relationship and said if I just waited id get what I want. When we started talking again i pressured him and got all upset and he got mad and said he knew I wouldnt change after our talk. He blocked me. Then unblocked me. He told the friend he is putting this all behind him and moving on. Im really upset. the past two week I have been hoping hed change his mind and contact me but he hasn't. This has only been online so far not even spoke on the phone yet. I want to contact him at least send him friend request see if he responds and go from there. I am Pisces he is Taurus I dont have his birthdate. I do know he is younger then me. I just didnt ask the serious questions until I knew he was serious. I really miss him and still like him a lot. I think about him every single day and want to find anyway possible to work it out with him. I'd like some advice if possible.

  • YEAH .,..,..........HE IS NOT INTERESTED! !!!

  • YEAH .,..,..........HE IS NOT INTERESTED! !!!

  • Just remember online is very anonymous, please re-look at what you shared. Is it him you miss or just the interaction of talking with someone? Words are fun but only interacting with words builds a picture in your mind of what you want to project. Let me know if that makes sense, if it does then I hope it helps.


  • This guy was only interested in something from a distance. If he had been interested in anything more, he would've been giving you his phone number or calling you and arranging to meet.

    As Nick says above, merely chatting online creates a picture in your mind, rather than the reality. The reality here, sadly, is that this guy liked talking to you too, but didn't want anything more committed than that. He also didn't lie about it. So, next time you start chatting to someone else, or even chat to him again, don't expect anything more than words and chat and light hearted conversation.

    If you want more than that, make THAT clear to who you're talking to. You have a right to receive what you want as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • thank you

    To answer your question Nick I do miss talking to him.

  • That makes it harder, because in order to keep the friendship realize what it is.

    There are barriers and a true friendship in my opinion is a two way street where conversation and traffic goes both ways. Mental picture, you are talking with him and you reach the end of the block. Now you have to run all the way around the block to get back to the starting point and do it again. You are doing all the work. The question becomes are you willing to do that to keep the friendship? As long as you realize that and are willing to put up with it then that becomes your decision. To me that would be tiring but if that makes you happy and you know up front what you are getting into than that would be your decision. There are barriers that you can't cross but then when you try to break them down you won't be able to get upset because that is what you accepted. Again if it is me I would keep looking for someone to share with, you don't have to settle for less. You just have to find someone you can be you with,


  • men think differently and are motivated by impulses that most women are clueless to. Women want more intimacy and crave reassurance. A great lesson to learn that will really change your life is to realize that no one can betray you unless you betray yourself first. You have good access to intuition and gut warnings but if your need is bigger than your boundries you will lie to yourself. And that lie invites lies and sends a message to the universe that your self protection system is easily crossed. There are successful matches made online but mostly not. A man would have to have the same intention as you. If all you craved was interesting conversation this would not be a problem. People are who ever they want to be online. We really know a person by observing how they live.......people can say they are good....but have you been out to dinner with them and seen for yourself how they treat others. Do they stiff the waitress or are they generous? Often men hook up with lots of women online with no intentions of wanting anything more than the feeling of attention.......or just plain fishing in a big sea for that one woman who will agree to cyber s x. In that department men can be dogs. I love men but many let the little head lead! How do you know the difference? If a man is truly hooked by you he is helpless and will show up at your door asp! It is men who fall hard once their heart is drawn to a woman. You can't force that. When a man shows you he is not interested in more...believe it!

  • ps.....and just because a man is not interested doesn't mean there is something wrong with you! Choose feeling are loved!!

  • thank you!

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