He (cancer) broke up with me (gemini) because he though I didnt trust him

  • Hes a cancer and im a gemini. We broke up Tuesday because he thought I didnt trust him and got into a fight. I realized what ive done and I can even prove to him I trust him with a deadly secret ive been keeping. After the break up we havent talked. Should I make the first move or wait?? Btw hes had trust issues in the past and our fight was pretty immature on both our parts

  • I don't feel your 'deadly secret' will make him feel any better about the relationship. It's about you trusting him that is at issue. He will withdraw hurt for quite a while so you will need to be patient and not bother him. Wait it out!

  • if you want to make the first move be ready to grovel. But first be really sure that you do actually trust him.

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