• Hi all,

    I have a curious question, to which I'd imagine there'd be a few curious answers lol!

    My partner has had very little luck with finding a job here. He has got quite a mouth on him though, and needs to think before he speaks sometimes, as I've kindly suggested to him haha.

    But he was offered one about a month ago, and yet this lady hasn't started him yet, and hasn't been in touch, even though two weeks ago she said she was "doing up a roster" and would be in touch. And yet, nothing.

    Can anyone see what on earth is going on? It's frustrating for both of us!

    Cheers and thanks in advance 🙂

  • I don't feel this woman is entirely trustworthy or efficient - she gets scattered or distracted pretty easily - so your partner should not hold out for this particular job, but keep looking.

  • Looks like it. He's been to see her, messaged her twice with no response, and now in frustration he basically told her not to worry about it. UUGGGHHH.

    I can't believe how rude people can be. I know others get busy, but not so busy that a simple phone call or message to tell him what's going on would be so much of an additional bother; she's the one who offered him the job in the first place.

    Anyway, back to the drawing board I guess:( We are both at the point of giving up on this place and going somewhere else or goodness knows.

    Thanks Captain!

  • It's odd, but I feel this woman may contact your partner just when he has either found something else or has someone interested in hiring him. Like she would sense his loss of interest...

  • I actually have the same feeling Captain. He had just missed out on a courier job with Aus Post about six weeks ago; when he went in to pick up his pay for his trial day, they said there was a run not far from where we live that may come up and they were keeping him in mind for that.

    So I guess we'll just wait and see. He'd still accept the job with this idiot if she got in touch I'd say, because he totally loves the raceway; that one's as a cook in the cafeteria there lol!

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