A question to psychics

  • i would like to share my experience and ask for comments especially those who are psychic. Once in a while i have a dream in which i seem to encounter evil forces. it would be difficult to describe the dreams as i often don't remember much, but some are quite vivid. i remember especially one...i was lying in bed with my mum and i could feel some force sneaking around us, grab my hand and pull it down strongly. i was trying with all my might to resist but it was extremely difficult. Yesterday i had a similar dream...different circumstances but the same theme...this time the force took form of an old woman...i could recognise there was something wrong with her...at one point her face started to change becoming more more ugly and i knew she was evil ...what all these dreams have in common is that every time i am trying hard to wake up and a can't, as if this force did not allow me to. Could you explain it to me? Is this just fear inside me which is the reason for these nightmares or something else...? It does not happen often, but i feel anxious...

  • Do you practise psychic protection every day?

  • i am afraid i do not... 😞 would a prayer be enough?

  • also visualization, cristals, sage...

  • I think that what you've been experiencing is that you're opening up more to your own psychic powers, and as Captain said, you might need to protect yourself. Anything will help here: visualising yourself surrounded by white light, yes, crystals, sage (but do that in your home as well as yourself). I feel also that there is a balancing needing to be struck between your light and dark sides; an integration if you will. There are also things to do with your mother I think, that have come to the fore here. What is your relationship like with her? Or how was it? Has she passed? I think she's left a mark on you somehow, and this "evil" presence you're feeling is something to do with her, but not because SHE is or was evil. It's more ... well, how do you feel about yourself as a feminine being? Sometimes we get this awful stuff presenting because we don't like being women, or have some negative belief about femininity.

    There are so many things this could be telling you. But I think it's deeper than how it might present to you. It isn't just about evil, as such.

    Lay down your sword. That is a message I get for you now as I write. Lay the gauntlet down. I feel you've been fighting against something, and that you may need to, as they say, let go and let God. We can't control everything.

    Even still, try to bring positive things into your surroundings and yourself. Protection will help here, yes, but an acceptance of things that were, and a willingness to allow things to BE will also be of great assistance to you.

    Hope this helps you!

  • Thank you so much both of you.

    The dreams are scary so i really hate having them. i think you are right Moon with regard to my mum. We are very different and our relation has been quite rough. she has never been an easy person to live with, a fighter by birth, very domineering, controlling sometimes verbally aggressive but she has changed and i have changed too so our relation is much, much better now than it used to be. i had to fight for my independence, dignity and respect. There were moments when i had an impression that she was the only person who could get the worst out of me. Her life was not a bed of roses so i understand why she was like that. Even now at times when things are very good she suddenly does something that ruins everything as if she wanted to push me away deliberately to show her strength. Strange... i can be cruel to her too which i regret and have remorse about shortly after. i do love her and i know that she loves me too and wants the best for me but it's all so confusing sometimes.:) We are simply different and the communication is not easy at times. Learning to meet half way through and being more patient, more understanding could be a solution.:) Answering your question how i feel about my femininity, i do like being a woman:) but my relations with men leave a lot to be desired... so maybe there is some connection here...

  • I think this phase we're experiencing is one of dealing with things from the past that have kept us in chains, or follow us around and loom up when we least expect it. I know I've suffered issues with both of my parents because neither of them were particularly happy people, and once my sister became ill, our house was a pretty depressing place to be.

    So I can see that my issues have been those of self worth - my mother and sister often made me feel unworthy - and femininity was an issue too as my mother was very negative about that. Those and being happy regardless of whatever situation I've found myself in.

    It isn't easy to rise above the things that keep repeating in our lives, but I guess we owe it to ourselves to do that, as challenging and tiring as it can be.

    If your mother has been stand-offish in her life, that could be why you don't do so well in relationships, as you said above. It's the old "monkey see, monkey do" thing I think. At least you've recognised what could be the issues here.

    We've got some work to do haven't we? It will be worth it though!

  • Hi Guys,

    Can I be a buttinsky, I have had my own fun growing up. Some where along the line I figured out that I need to break chains that were binding me. I married someone who I know filled in spots that I was missing. I broke a lot of chains and I know my girls have benefited where I didn't. I was able to take pieces of Love and hold onto them. So look back at your relationships and find the pieces that were good and project them forward and look at the bad pieces but don't repeat them...look inward and you will see the signs to recognize them, thanks for letting me butt in.

  • yeah, self-worth is definitely my issue too. However, as you noticed in your reading for me Moon i have worked hard to overcome some of my self-imposed limitations and those imposed on me by my upbringing. I have received help here, a lot of help, from all of you, the Captain being one of those who has been bombarded by me with different questions:) and who has had enough patience to give answers every time i turned to her (thank you for that Captain:)). it all has changed me, for the better i dare say. i realise i have made great progress but i still have work to do, some things still hurt sometimes and i am not sure if i have already fully forgiven...my problem is i do not let others come too close. Maybe i value my independence and my lone time too much, maybe it's some kind of fear...am not sure of that, maybe a combination of different factors... all i know is i tend to escape...

    TarotNick, all comments are welcome:) so thank you for yours. You are lucky to have found someone who as you say 'filled in spots you were missing', actually it's not that easy i think. i have enough love to give, a few scars yes, but a lot i can share, still convincing myself to give myslef a chance, is the toughest task.:)

  • Moonalisa, forgiveness does not mean excusing the wrong that others did to you in the past, but it does help you move on.

  • I myself am an awakening empath, but I'm not sure what level of psychic ability I have. I do agree with Moon's first response about the dream representing feelings you have about something or someone. I have had similar dreams where the images or events represent something.

    I have a few questions myself for experienced psychics out there...

    Are there indicators that you are psychic in your birth chart? Or is it based on expediences with having dreams, premonitions, sensing energies and whatnot?

    Sometimes I get a sense of Deja Vu like I've seen an event happen before or something, so I wonder if that's an indicator..

    I would really appreciate the insight and feedback! Thanks~

  • MOONALISA! I just noticed this post and the dream state you described has a name....it is mostly a physical phenomena. I used to get those! Wish I could remember the name but maybe if you google something like sleep paralyses or dream paralyses it will come up . I would have very vivid dreams as if I was awake because I was aware of dreaming but could not move or speak......awful feeling. Like you I felt some icky wicked thing was about to grab me and I could not move or scream. Sometimes a family member would hear me making strained noises and have to shake me awake. I noticed I had these mostly during a time of exhaustion or after cleaning house....I am allergic to dust. From what I read it is when we are over stressed and the mind is too busy but the body goes to sleep. The brain stays on high alert. This causes the senses to over react and the extra adrenaline in the body creates the fear and flight reaction. The body has had enough and shuts off with exhaustion. I think there's a nickname....night terrors. The other connection I had with cleaning is that back when allergy medicine was limited to the drowsy stuff and I had small children and wouldn't take the medicine so at night I was not breathing properly and again the body releases adrenaline and so your in fear and flight mode. Those events are awful! Mine decreased over the years as my kids grew. I did have a very exhausting stressful life then and never got enough sleep.

  • To be honest the dreams scared me to death, every time i woke up i felt exhausted and full of fear. i haven't noticed when i have these nightmares, what i am feeling around the time i have them. Maybe as you say it is stress which is responsible for that, that's quite probable. Anyway, you have calmed me down, at first i took it more literally... thanks for your reply.:)

  • You have my sympathy! Too much adrenaline in the brain does feel like you are about to die! It depletes the adrenal glands and increases exhaustion. I pray you get the rest and peace you need. When head phones and mp3 players came out....listening to music or meditations helped calm my tired brain! Sensitive people need more rest than most people. At the time I had a wild mate and four little boys. Life was nuts!

  • Thank you Blmoon:), i have found some information about this disorder. The worst part of the experience is this inability to do anything- to escape, to move. i was conscious i was dreaming and wanted badly to wake up but couldn't- this is characteristic of the disorder. Yes, music has always been my 'friend' in moments of grief or exhaustion but i also need some quiet time to regain balance. Luckily i live near a lake so whenever i feel energy deficiency, stress or sadness i go there and draw from nature...:)

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