March-May Career and Love Reading

  • I've made up my mind to put in my 2 weeks on March 30th even though I have not locked down my next job. I simply cannot stand my boss and work environment and I know I am taking a risk, but I think I will find one within 2 months from now. Where and when do you see I still start my new job?

    Before I leave, I do want to meet to speak with my bosses boss who I've had a major attraction to for nearly 3 years, but unable to pursue due to professionalism. I don't know where and how to have this conversation with him, but at this point I have nothing to lose since I'm leaving don't want to live my life with "what if". I'm sure he will contact me once I put in my 2 weeks, but should I have this conversation with him beforehand? Can anyone see where and when we would have the conversation and how it will turn out?

  • I understand the desire to leave the situation you are in currently, but take caution. It's always easier to get a job when you are currently employed than when you are unemployed. It may also take longer than 2 months. Have you considered how long you will be able to support yourself financially without a job? If you cannot support yourself for a minimum of 6 months, then it is not a wise choice.

    It feels as though you need to be more honest with yourself. Could you be quitting in an effort to force something to happen with this man? The fact that you want to use your leaving as an excuse to have this "conversation" with him is a red flag. If there really is something there, you would not need to force it. I really don't see this turning out the way you have planned it in your head. He does not feel available to you.

  • Yes I make almost 6 figures at my job and have saved more than enough to live on which is why I've put up with it for so long. It's time for a change and improvement. I've been contemplating on leaving for a long time now at this specific date, right before my vacation/birthday so it's not as if I'm leaving just to have a chance with him. When you say, he does not feel available to me... in what way?

  • Hi there, I second what watergirl says. I also get the feeling this guy isn't as available as he might seem to be. Either he's a total career guy, or he has a "part time" relationship that he's not entirely happy in, or some other sort of commitment, which could even be a family thing, all springs to mind here.

    If you have enough money saved up to quit and give yourself time to make up your mind what you want to do, then go ahead.

    I see it taking up to six months before you find a job you're happy in. You might take casual work here and there, but I don't see anything that would suit you coming up before that length of time expires.

    I see you travelling. Going places you've never been, and doing things you never thought you'd do. Stretching yourself; experiencing life to the fullest.

    I also get that you're not quite ready to settle down yet either. You'd like a relationship, but not one that prevents you from doing what you want.

    So, your current boss might not be as available as you'd like, but then, neither are you at this point in time.

    2018 sees you finding a life path, a career that suits you, and the promise of a life long partner looms in about October of that year I think.

    The message for you now is: live life the way you want to for as long as you want to do that. Take your time. There is no rush.

  • Not available, as in not available to you for a relationship. His flirting may have been misinterpreted by you. If he would make himself available it would not be in the way you wish - you would be ok with purely a physical hook-up at first, but would want more and he would not be ready, willing or able to give it to you. Move on...leave your job and start dreaming of what is next for you without any thoughts of how he factors in.

    Moon-Pie is right. Whenever we are attracted to unavailable men it is because deep down we don't want to be in a commitment ourselves or we don't find ourselves worthy of it.

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