Caregiving for Loved Ones

  • I felt the need to write and express why we are at times of life Caregivers for our Loved Ones.

    We all have destiny paths and therefore connections to our loved ones. When we are faced with the duty for some caring for our aged, ill parent or even a sibling. If others do not want the responsibility in the family and you are left with it, than I feel it may be a karmic debt that is being repaid to the person involved. There are volunteer services to help those in this type of situation to have some free time for their own lives. Please watch the movie Mervin Room with Diane Keaton, this movie shows what I am trying to express here.

    Having to help my mother a lot in this lifetime without much reward from her at all, I learn about my self and my heart in the process. My husband also had to support his mother for many years after his fathers death. He did so proudly and did it well. We all are faced with challenges in this lifetime. They help us to grow into the people god meant us to be, if you know him and stay connected to him in life.

  • I think it is like a privilege to be in a position to help, care for and do caregiving. To me it is the same, if it is a family member, a friend or a precious pet. It is a call of duty a human beings. At the end of the day we will all get there at some point of our life. It is very good to be useful and actually do something worthwhile for someone else. When something, someone or it needs our care we cannot but to do our best. It is an opportunity for growth, feeling good and or completing/fulfilling a karmic debt.

    Will add the movie to my list. Thanks for sharing your point of view mist. Xxg

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  • znl

    Your words are uplifting and have brought some joy with them as well to my day.

    Your a person that would be a pleasure to know in this lifetime as you would bless and be well spiritually connected to those you are lead to care for.

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