I'm not sure what to think

  • I met my Taurus man on social media,we got talking but I notice he disappears for every 2 days and every time he comes back his excuse is he's not been feeling fine. He made it clear he likes me and some a relationship with me but is scared of beautiful girls because they break hearts,his ex cheated on him by the way. After this conversation, he went MIA usually so I got pissed and told he I can't do this and all so start of again and we exchanged numbers but I noticed if I don't call he won't call and I see this as me reminding him of me which I'm not comfortable with so I sent this long message asking if he's in this with 100% or is he married, he ignored for a week because of this, we settled and I went to see because we don't live in the same city. He was on his phone all about work when I got there and we had sex before going to bed, the sex just there because I want all into it. Came back with same routine of doing the calling and texting while he just replies or call back if he misses my call. He likes dirty talks but its not my thing and he asked me if I don't get hirny I told him I do he then question why I don't yo him about it so I told every time I try to he doesn't pick up so he said he would I appreciate it if I drop a message on whatsap and send a picture and all. Recently I called him and I told him I was sick and he said sorry and hope its not because I miss him,I told him I did miss him and all but to my surprise he didn't even check up on me all through the next day to know about my health, I didn't too so the next day hr sent a message in the claiming he's being sick and said thank you for been there for me I didn't reply until evening. I missed call him later in the night which he called back we had sex phone he told me he loves and that he needs a girl that can touch herself so that he won't have to worry every time is away which I told he needs to start trusting me and all. I'm just confused because I can't really tell if he loves or not and most times it feels I'm in a relationship with myself.what can I do

  • I'm sorry, but this guy isn't really interested in anyone but himself. He is also a sex-starved idiot, who wants women to "entertain" him. What do you think he does when he goes MIA for a number of days? He isn't remaining faithful to you.

    His lack of interest when you were sick is another clue. He wants someone who waits for him, remains faithful to him, and is available to give him what he wants when he chooses to pay her some attention. But if SHE wants attention from HIM, he conveniently isn't around.

    Again, I'm sorry, but this man doesn't like women much; he thinks they're only there for his fun and games and that he is Mr Man who deserves to have what attention he craves, until he gets bored and moves on to the next victim.

    Whilever you remain in his web of lies, you will be having a relationship with yourself. He doesn't care what you want or need.

    Get rid of him.

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  • Stop worrying about him. You are worth more than a mere cheater and liar. He does not deserve you for sure. Maybe next time go for a blind date or visit local pub and find your love in real life? The Internet is full of foul men, trust me.


  • Just no. Woman- noone deserves to be ignored. Dont contact him again. I would make it into a game. My father was a taurus- and they are big with the head games and the woe is me thing. BUT believe when i say they make the time to do what they want. So- id find someone else- and IF he ever contacted you again- AND you were emotionally over him- id wait double the time it took to get a response to respond with the same bs line he gave you. DONT make the effort to go there. This one is a bad seed.

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