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  • For a long time there are times when I've just known or sensed things. Sometimes I can feel it deep in my gut (just under my sternum and where your ribs start), or sometimes I'll just blurt out something not knowing why, but many times, not always though, I'm write on whatever I'm feeling or said.

    There's times I've sensed a presence. It's always on my right side. Sometimes it's not a good presence, once a very evil presence, but there's been times when it has been a good presence. I don't feel these often at all. I can probably count maybe five times I've sensed this.

    I use to freak my ex-fiance out by knowing things. Like one time we were driving down the road and I said something bad was going to happen. He asked what and I said something with the truck we were in. He was demanding to know exactly what was going to go wrong, but I couldn't answer him because I didn't know, all I knew was that something was going to go wrong with the truck. The next thing I know the tire blew out. There was another time he was fretting over us not having money left over after bills. Somehow I knew everything was going to be okay...I was calm and happy. I had a captain's bed and had a light on it. One of the cats must've unplugged the light 'cause when I went to turn it on it wasn't working. I crawled behind the bed to plug the light back in and I found a hundred dollar bill which solved our financial issue. These are just two very small examples.

    My husband has gotten use to it and pays attention if I feel something is going to go wrong. One time, not even knowing this person for long, I just blurted out that she was going to falsely accuse my husband of something. Sure enough, two mos. later she did. I had a feeling a while ago that something bad was going to happen in the next few mos. I didn't know what it was, but I stated it was going to be very bad and had something to do with my husband. Sure enough, three mos. later, it happened. He's going through legal trouble that has lasted like five mos. now. Again, these are just two small examples. As I said, it happens so often that my husband is use to it.

    Every woman on my mother's side has just known things. We have our own ways of knowing, but we do. Some of us it's stronger with, some of us it's more subtle. We're not always right however, but are a good majority of the time.

    There are also times when I know someone is lying to me, something is going on behind my back, but don't know what (though seldom I do know exactly what), when someone is off, when something is bothering someone, or when I can't trust someone. I'm usually always right on that as well.

    If the feelings I have are strong, whatever I know, and I don't know how I know, I'm always right. If they aren't quite so strong, I'm right about 80% of the time. Though there have been times when I was completely off, thinking it was something it wasn't and it turned out to be something else.

    My mother passed away the Sunday before last. In the hospital, she looked at me straight in the eyes very, very deeply. So deeply that I could feel it inside me. I felt that someone else was in her eyes....as if someone else was with her and wanting to let me know, if that makes any sense. I don't know who, but feel it was a relative. I'm really wanting to say this was my grandmother, but I'm not sure. She did this twice, as we were all around the bed, one person near her, then another, and her pupil's were dilated when she looked at me deeply. They weren't dilated before or after that. I made the family "I love you" motion to her, as I'd told her many times I loved her, but didn't know if it was registering in her mind. My husband, which my family doesn't like, but my mother was fine with except for one issue, told him she wanted to go home. Now mind you, she had Parkinson's really bad, had, had a stroke (she also had a bad heart valve that couldn't be operated on due to her bad health) and couldn't be understood well at all, but she said this to my husband clearly...he could understand her perfectly. It was close to the same time that she had looked at me so deep that I could feel it inside me. Before she went to the hospital, since I was watching her while my dad was at work, as she was suffering dementia, couldn't get around well at all and had fallen, she, after I asked her what she wanted, said "ambulance." She then said that she didn't want me to see her die and mentioned something about my grandmother. It sounded like she said she didn't want me to see her die like my grandmother, but the thing is, I didn't see my grandmother die...I didn't arrive until my grandmother had passed away, as I had to fly to the state she was in. I'm not sure if I heard her right, but like I said, when she looked at me deep in the eyes, I'm wanting to say my grandmother was there with her, as if she was there to guide her over to other side.

    My dad and I were talking on the phone about my mother after she passed and my dad and I were crying. Suddenly, on my right side, I could feel a tingle from the top of my head, down my arm and down my leg and something next to me. My dog suddenly started whining. After a few minutes I could feel it move away some. I told my dad about it and he started crying again and I could feel it again. Again my dog started whining. He told me to tell her he loved her, so I did and told her I loved her too. A minute or two after that it left.

    My dad doesn't believe what I tell him I know or sense. My husband does and my best friend, who has abilities of her own, however, does too. I do trust what I know, for the most part, but right now I have that nagging, 'Naw, you're not right,' in the back of my head and it's my dad that started me thinking that way recently.

    There was a bad storm last night too and my daughter and I were in the living room with flashlights trying to figure out where my husband was. He said the room he was in was pitch black, he saw a figure with it's head illuminated in a light blue light (we don't have any lights like that), but couldn't make out who it was. It said his name two or three times. He talked to it and headed toward it, but it didn't answer him and by the time he got to where it was, it was gone. My husband is also not easy to wake up. You can say his name, but he'll just go back to sleep. Whatever this was, was talking in a normal voice and was able to wake him up, to where I usually have to yell at him to get him up. I don't know what to make out of that because nothing bad happened at that end of the house (or to the house at all for that matter).

    Can anyone please help shed some light on what happened, what I experienced, and if I was right?

    Thank you!

  • Oops, meant to write in the first paragraph that I'm right on whatever I'm feeling or said, not write.

  • It sounds like you are a combination of clairvoyant and a medium. It also sounds like you need a mentor to guide you so that you make the most of the gifts you have. If you start asking the universe for a mentor, one will show up when you're ready to learn.

    I could suggest that maybe you try some "practice" readings on here and see how you go, because that's another way - without the pressure of taking money - to fine tune your images and thoughts. Reading clairvoyantly or psychically, or by tarot or any way it's done, is something that is very intuitive. You'll probably notice that the times you've got it 100% right were the times you went with the very first gut feeling you had. And probably when you second guessed yourself, you got it wrong.

    You can sense good and evil, so there's definitely an empath element there as well. I'd say you can go into a room and sense the general feeling in it, ie, whether it's happy, tense, sad or a mixture of all those lovely human emotions.

    Your father DOES believe, but is unsure how to accept and voice that he does. He knew your mother was by your side when you were talking to him on the phone, so of course he believes, but in another sense, he thinks it's all "mumbo jumbo". He'll come around in time.

    What your husband saw in the dark room the night of the storm? Well, I get the feeling that if he thinks about it more, he'll recognise the voice that spoke to him. It was a relative passed over ... wait ... a very good friend of his, who was trying to show him a light in the middle of all that darkness. And I'm not just talking about the storm or the room.

    I hope this helps!


    Chris xoxoxo

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  • So very sorry it's taken me such a long time to respond. Life just got in the way and things have been difficult. I hope you understand Chris.

    Though belated, I do appreciate and thank you very much for your response. 🙂

    I stated my mother's eyes were dilated because I didn't know how else to explain it. Truth is, I swore my mother's blue eyes turned to brown, but that didn't make sense, so I chalked it up to her eyes being dilated. That is until my husband and I talked about it later. He told me he saw that my mother's eyes were brown as well. I just about fell off the couch 'cause I thought I was seeing things, but he confirmed it for me.

    I'd say claircognizant, yes. A bit clairsentient at times, but that could just be the claircognizant side knowing things, I'm not sure. Right now my head seems to be in a fog though and I feel so lost. For a short time there was nothing, but I the knowing things returned, yet it's muted 'cause it's not something that really registers in my head much anymore. As well, for 20 yrs. I've dreamed about wolves. I was told by a psychic and a Native American (I'm a small portion Cherokee...my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee) that the wolf was my spirit animal. After my mother passed, the dreams stopped for quite a while. I've had a couple of dreams with them in it, but it was only for a short time, to where before they took up a large part of my dreams. I learned that they were my mother's spirit animal too. Many times they were grey wolves that were chasing me in my dreams. I was told it was a warning. Then again, I've always had a lot of drama in my life, so it's not surprising. Right before my mother passed I was bitten by a wolf in a dream, which has never happened in all the yrs. of dreaming about them. Then a white wolf approached me like it was going to attack, but instead laid down next to me and began to paw at me like a pup would. I've never dreamed about white wolves before. The next dream I had and the white wolf was chasing me along with the grey wolves. The two small dreams I had after my mother passed, I was running with the wolves. Instead of being grey in color, they were the typical Timber wolf (which is also known as the "grey wolf") coloring. The next dream was about someone saying the wolf in my dream stood for something. It was a white wolf with a diamond shape on it's forehead. The wolf curled up close to me and then arms wrapped around me and embraced me. All I could see were the arms, not whose arms they were. I've not dreamed about wolves since.

    This is all very odd because my mother, according to my dad after she passed away, was a medium. My mother had a lot of mental issues however (she purportedly had DID, though another doctor told her she didn't) and she would lie a lot about experiences with people that she was caught lying in, so I'm not sure what to believe. Also, her being a medium is not something anyone else was ever aware of. Supposedly she once said something about passing over and going to the plains with a Cherokee tribe. The Shaman of the tribe and the angels were going to let my dad in though he's not Cherokee. The thing is, yes, my mother respected both her Cherokee and Irish heritage, but she was Christian and did not believe in going to any "plains" after she passed...she believed that when Jesus returned to collect the dead she'd go to heaven. She told my dad there was a wolf that guarded the tribe and played with the tribe's dogs though. The wolf was grey in color, just like the ones in my dreams, which I find strange. The dreams and color of the wolves in my dreams was not something my dad was aware of either.

    It all has me a bit lost as to just what happened and why she told my dad what she did.

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