Blmoon question please? ?

  • Good Evening Blmoon:

    In my latest reading, you stated that I am a Psychic.

    I have always known that I was different as a child.

    Now that I am older I realize that I am an EMPATH. I also can SENSE children who have not crossed over; and, sometimes I can is hard for me to describe it; however, I can see shadows and hold objects and can get a sense of "events" and a person's character.

    The weird thing is THAT when I was working for my Exboyfriend: that is when, I realized that I was psychic. I realize now that I was placed in His life so that I could warn and protect him.

    MY question is: Will my abilities get stronger in the future?

    HOW may I develop them?

    I would really like to help people who have lost loved ones !

    Thanks A Million!

  • BUMP! !

  • Every psychic has their own method. There are some general rules. Everyone is open to Spirit guidance and they hear it according to how much room or quiet time they make for meditation or listening. Those who are extra gifted and are of service decide how psychic they want to be. I think psychics are very aware they are different as children and it can be scary. I tuned mine out off and on. There are different kinds of psychics. Some are intuitive but not mediums. Or so they say. I really don't know why there is a difference but know that psychics who do it for a living will usually say they are clairvoyant or a medium or only use cards. You may want to do some research and see if you identify with any of the different gifts. Empathy is often part of being psychic. Your gift gets stronger if you want it to. It takes practice and strong trust to give readings. You have to be detached from your own logic or judgments while saying what you hear and leave your ego out of it. If you are afraid of sounding stupid or being wrong it will stifle a message from Spirit. Giving a reading takes energy. Being empathetic also causes you to take on the state of being of others. To connect with someone creates an energy transfer so you must be energy aware. You can't just go around helping everyone that you sense needs help. Your health will suffer and your gift will drain. It's a constant challenge for psychics to stay centered and healthy. I think we each realize eventually what drains us. I limit my times in shopping malls or big crowds. In waiting rooms I avoid sitting near others and often will put up a wall if I feel my energy being drained. I have healing gifts as well. When I was young I did not know that but was sick a lot and everywhere I went people seemed attracted to me. They often had low energy and just gravitated towards my energy. I was gifted with extra energy. I think the best way to get to a place of truly being able to use your gifts is by first learning how to have boundaries and knowing when to retreat and rest and how to manage energy exchanges. The biggest hurdle is using your head when your empathy is so strongly pulling you to help someone. The urge can be overwhelming and empaths can be very self sacrificing. As a medium it also takes energy and if you are giving closure to someone who's loved one passed leaving questions it is very draining specially if their death was tragic. This not a connection I can just command.....the spirit steps forward or chooses not to.....if they do come forward to explain their deaths I experience their state of being. I feel the events. I don't do a lot of these. And I wait until I'm feeling strong. A reading from Spirit is different as I'm just the messenger and they speak to me and also show me pictures....I'm very visual. Some psychics only hear. I do not always get a connection and never force that. I don't dwell on making sense or get worried if someone doesn't get something although I am pretty accurate and trust whatever Spirit says has a reason. I do on occasion censor something and regret it. It happens. Nobody is perfect. I try not to focus on Spirits around keeps a boundary. There are earth bound Spirits who will be very attracted to people with them you are a bright light. They need an energy source to move around. If you start feeling drained...specially a stiffness up the back of your neck and notice you are feeling down when normally you are not and maybe your house starts cluttering slowly and it progresses to family members being irritable you should consider a spirit is latching on to your energy. If you command them to leave they must. At the same time you must not have fear or think about them much. They often stir up fighting in a home because they feed off of energy bursts. Also, cleaning house and making airy space and order lets good energy in....they do not like orderly places. Ringing chimes or bells clears out negative energy from a space...that's why most religions begin their rituals with the ringing of a bell. I have wind chimes in my home....after arguments I walk around and sound them all. I also use sage to cleanse my home if it feels off....salt is good too. I have always slept with a night light so I am not distracted by spirits in the dark. I do not think about it. I also try to know what is me and what came from somewhere else. Unfortunately, out in public you can pick up emotions. Maybe you go in a store all happy but get in line behind someone very depressed and on the way home you feel down and don't know why. So much of using your gift depends on your ability to have strong boundaries. You have to exercise raising your energy back up.

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  • Thank YOU, Blmoon.

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