• Hi all

    I have a question relating to my work situation. I've been working in disability since July last year, had been doing quite well at it, but with a reduction in hours due to a permanent, albeit temporary position being filled last October, I've been feeling a bit shafted, for want of a better word. I was not warned that this position was being filled, and only found out when I got the October roster which showed the reduction in my shifts, and a stranger's name on there.

    I have an interview in a similar field, but with another organisation, on Wednesday this week. While I'd been looking for a second job to pick up the hours I've lost, I truly don't want to be working two jobs if I can avoid it, but will if I have to.

    Can anyone see what may happen with my work situation, ie, if I'm in the wrong field of work or simply working for the wrong organisation? This is frankly playing on my energy and enthusiasm and not in a good way!

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Moon50,

    Here is a pick up of your feelings,

    I'm getting a blah feeling, either your not excited about what you are doing or your not putting yourself into it, like its dull.

    Decisions are not coming easy, and something about it's not just about the money.

    There is a feeling of content but that comes from within you. You will make your world whole because it comes from within.

    Things will work out as they will, a balance.

    You will see a slight success and that will give you courage to continue.

    There is a younger person who is not nice...mean...affects your feelings.

    Lying goes with it and disappointment.

    Be careful because you don't see that person that way. I don't think you will understand until after it happens, like you can't believe it.

    You will end up ok but after it cost you, emotions and something else

    back to the first question things will stay as they are for a little bit.

    Remember to trust in you, don't leave it in others hands, something about you need to be in control and put the work in to make sure it works out.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks so much for this reading. Yes, I have been a bit "blah" about what I'm doing due to reduced hours, and it can sometimes be a bit quiet on night shifts and sometimes the day shift, depending on what's going on with the residents. However, I do enjoy the job, love the residents and also love to see how our work helps them to do more for themselves, and in cases of physical restrictions, allows them to walk more independently. I guess I got to wondering if I was in the right field, or as I asked, was I working for the right organisation.

    I'm interested in this younger person you mentioned. You'd given me a similar reading about a year ago, and I've not really discovered who that is/was. I thought at first that it could be my partner, but then, he doesn't particularly set about looking for a fight. In saying that, like me, he does get snarly every now and then and that's when we do argue, but I've learned to shrug that off and move past it.

    I'm actually wondering if you've picked up on my foster son, who has been part of my life since 2004. Now there's a young fellow who is always looking for a fight, can't see when he's wrong, and can be pretty mean when he wants to be. I know he's lied to me at times too, although I haven't been able to call him on that. He's one who'll hang up on me if I do catch him out though, although I had the last word Christmas Day when he called to say he wasn't coming due to being on a "five day bender". I told him he was not popular, that I was angry with him, and hung up when he started getting on his high horse.

    So, that's one bit I'm a bit grey on: as to who you mean as being the "younger person".

    As for your last few lines of the reading, I can see I have to take the bit between my teeth as it were, and am applying for other jobs, although I did mention that in my first post here.

    Anyway, I don't know if you're able to identify who the younger person is, but I'm very intrigued lol!

    Thanks so much for this; I appreciate it 🙂


    Chris xoxoxoxoxoxx

  • Hi Moon50,

    The young person was a page in the cards, it was a strong feeling and backed up with three cards in a row to bring home the point.

    To me the page can go to either gender and being I pick up on the feelings I try not put my own thoughts in, so I try to describe what I am feeling.

    But now that we are talking...hahaha I can add thoughts to think about.

    The content feeling is most likely a pick up of you liking your what you do, I hope the one line where you have a slight success means you get some hours back. Because the other feeling that was strong was it's not about the money what you do. When you talk about the care part I think is what came out. Then I think it's easy to say it's not about the money when we all need it to live, care and love don't pay the bills. Then the flip side is if your not happy is the money worth it?...hmmmm yes...hahahaha Ok only kidding. Hang in, it may take a bit...just keep working at it.


  • Well, I can't think of anyone who fits that description other than my foster boy, or even my daughter when she wants to be. She has the same cutting tongue as my ex husband and that always leaves me a bit breathless, for want of a better word lol! I find it ironic that when a "mean" person is mentioned, I immediately think of the males in my life, not the females, when in my family growing up, most of the nastiness came from my sister and mother. I've copped the sharp edge of my daughter's tongue more than once since my marriage breakup, and caught her in the act of ratting on me to her father. In saying that, I've cut her down once or twice too, and she comes crawling back with an apology. Not my son though. He has NEVER apologised once. Sometimes I wonder where this nastiness came from in both of them, because I don't believe I ever showed them that. Guess it's the same as a clean/neat freak having grown up children who end up being slobs ...

    No, what I do isn't about the money, although per hour the pay rate is indeed very good; better than my last job, so that was a pleasant surprise. I simply need more hours hahaha.

    I agree: if a person isn't happy, no money is worth flogging a dead horse over.

    I also am an impatient person, but yeah yeah, okay, I'll keep working at it ... and working at it ... SIGH ... lol!

    Thanks again 🙂

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